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Music video draft 3

This is now our third draft of our music video, gaining a lot of footage from our recent shoot we have added more to the music video in hope we wont need much more. We have filled up alot of the gaps where we had written on to fill in. This was helpful as when we came to the shoot we already had a clear idea of the shots we wanted to go into these gaps, this made our shoot flow alot quicker and was efficient.

Changes :

  • Added in the most recent footage
  • More transitions including starting to use colour changing transitions
  • re-ordered the narrative to make it make more sense

To gain some feedback on how to improve our music video other than asking just our teacher we gave our video to a few students also doing media studies in the other classes so they could give us some more productive feedback for our music videos. Here was some of our feedback:

From the feedback of this draft we created some targets which we would like to improve for our next draft:

  • Speed up the cutting speeds of the music video
  • more reaction shots
  • more shots reverse shots
  • Try and make the shots make sense for example why is their water shots ?

I will take these on board to improve to the next drafts, I found that there was alot more shots from the last draft and we have moved on alot hopefully this will lead to the next draft being easier to improve as we have made alot on this one.


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