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Shoot Reflection

Here are some photos of our performance shoot.

We did our performance shoot at the Cow’s Horn with our actors being Jordan, Lottie and Olivia. We had 3 hours to do the shoot with an additional 45 minutes to set up the equipment.

Our performance shoot was successful after about an hour in as our main performer Jordan became more confident and could remember all the lyrics so he didn’t have to worry about forgetting it, leading him to move more and get more into the song.  The mise en scene was great we had a great location as it had a very vast variety of heights allowing us to do different shots from different heights ans angles. Also the performers didn’t look out of place as they were dressed appropriately for the location.

Targets From Shoot:

  • Make sure we were dressed more appropriate as it was cold
  • Make sure we sing along with performer from the start to make the performer more comfortable and help him with the words.

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