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Draft 5 final copy Music Video

Here is my final completed copy of my music video. I thought this was a very productive task and feel like we have made big improvements on the way.

Listening to feedback from our peers we took it on board and improved our music video from it.

Additionally after draft 4 we sent our music video to our peers and they gave us some points to improve on we took on alot and improved as much as we could within the week to finish our music video. This time round we had a lot more positive feedback than negative which was a bonus for us however we still fixed it up more.


  • mise en scene
  • transitions for intro
  • lip syncing
  • Shot reverted shots
  • Framing of shots
  • Clear Narrative
  • Colour of clothing
  • Slowed down edit with music
  • The use of repeating Seb walking along beach with girl and on own
  • Red symbolises love



  • water fall shot
  • try and keep to the beat
  • More effects
  • Make sure shots make sense
  • Clearer they have broken up (hands split ect)

This feedback was useful in improving to make our final video

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