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Our Mission Statement

We needed to create a mission statement, we had to make sure we knew who our target audience is; we used YouGov to help us realise who are audience is and what their interest and demographics are which will help us when creating our products.

Who is our audience?

We aim to target it towards the young adult age gap, ages 18-24 with the gender being predominately females as we have a male based band. As it will be a bright and colourful it will be aimed more at the females as the light blues and pink colours will catch the females eye first.

A call to action

Wanting people to understand what we are trying to portray within the meaning of the products. Will want to be able to create our own merchandise towards this and will want to be able to present this with ticket options and a display of the concerts.

Who are the competitions?

Sam Smith, Florence and the machine, Bruno Mars

These artists have a clear theme that flow right through their products this is effective as you know and associate them together.  Their websites flow with a clear colour scheme and clear fonts making it easy for the audience to read it.

I believe we could make ours more colourful to bring it more alive.


Our Mission Statement

Reload puts the twist on the love, loyalty and lies within relationships, exposing the hypocrisy of modern relationships. Reload is in the Indie Rock genre and the vibe is an urban contemporary take on modern day life, integrating the conception of love with Indie rock.


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