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Digi Pack Previous Students Work

For my previous students work I have analysed Imagine Dragons by two students. This was an effective digi pack as it followed a clear theme and gave a clear understanding of the music video, it stuck out against the others as it followed one another and works well.

Here is the digi pack I chose to analyse:

I have analysed the digi pack under the titles of :

The use of camera and Photoshop to take and engage manipulating images:

Firstly this was a highlight to the music video as it brought the images alive. They have sued various different shots such as close ups and  medium long shots, this allowed you to look at the images and see them at another angle. With the two images of the car they were positioned effectively with the inside right uncovering a wheel when the CD is taken out. This is effective as it continues the theme of this red car.  Additionally the back cover image shows good use of camera, due to the positioning of the car as you can see the car, cliff as well as the chair to create meaning.

The use of photoshop has been effective mostly on the front cover as they have added this to keep this red flowing as red can symbol different things such as love anger ect. They have used photoshop to also make the image darker illustrating the red in a more negative way however makes in contrast with the other pages as they are more lighter.

I would give this a higher up level 3 as they had some strong and effective areas however they could improve it.

The selection of mise-en-scene in the photos and the photos and the meaning it communicates:

Mise-en-scene has been carefully thought about within this piece of work to give it a powerful meaning. The thought of lighting is a clear factor. The front cover displays a dark lighting signifying a dark mysterious and a more negative mood. However the front cover juxtaposes with the other covers as they show a well lit images implying a more energetic scenery. As this is effective it also leaves viewers questioning whether it is meant to give off the confused setting or is a mistake made this generates a confused sense of meaning as it could go either way.

Effectively they have used their props (car) effectively to represent the message their trying to get across with the red. However after watching their music video the red car was symbolic in the video to portray the message of love. With the car being used in the music video it has become too repetitive and has lead to the music video and digi pack not have clear individual meanings. Unfortunately this lead to it not being as interesting and engaging. If I hadn’t of seen the music video before I had seen the music video this would’ve been a very effective digipack.

I would give this a higher level 3. Due to the effectiveness of the car and the continuity throughout, however the car had already been used in the music video and due to this it let it down.

The choice of words that talk to and engage a specific audience:

On the back cover of this digi pack there is a list of the songs which the artist covers. There is a photo of an empty car on a empty cliff with an empty bench in the background, this is then backed up with the titles of the songs. For example some of the songs titles include;I don’t know why, Start Over, Yesterday, and Ill make it up to you. These names go with the ideas contrasted by the images on the digi pack as there is an empty car and it allows the audience to get a picture of the type of music this may include.

Words on a digipack engage you and give the audience a clear idea of what the digipack is about, it also gives you an idea of the genre.

I would give this area a lower level 4 as the words/ song names were effective and began to give you a feel of the genre it would’ve been.

The creative use of DTP to integrate images and text and use colour / typeface :

There has been a successful use of the continuity of the colour red within all of different sides, the red has also got a positive reflection of grey making it more successful. Additionally the typeface for the main title is effective and edgy however clashes with the genre and how it flows with the other sides of the digipack. Even though the title is extremely effective and it is clear and readable to the audience it just doesn’t fit the genre.

I would give this section a lower level 3 as the images were effective and the colours used were effective however the front page did not coincide with the rest of the digipack as the font title was too different and the colours were too bold with the other sides.



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