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Evaluation of Web Design Application

Doing this task of creating a web page I have learnt a lot of skills and media terminology such as, the importance of above the fold and below the fold, a landing page which is where a link would take you to and the meaning a hero shot gives to an audience to gain their attention.

I can now use the correct terminology for areas I’ve been trying to explain in the past, for example, the menu choices at the top of the page with options to get to other pages is called a navigation bar, the terminology I now know make it quicker and easier to analyse work and know that people would understand what I am talking about.

With never using I had a lot to learn making my website most successful it could be. Wix was not very complicated however if I got stuck on any aspects I would go onto YouTube for help.

Below I have added numerous different pages within my website, these would be the landing pages when an option was clicked from the navigation bar.

Next, I was able to add different elements such as ‘buttons’ this would take you to a different option when clicked on. I used this numerous times within the website as it was an element which the audience would find interesting to look for more. There were also options to create ‘strips’. I used this on the news page as I was able to get information on the page without making it big and long. Also I used the ‘interactive’ button as I was able to include sub slideshows within the page to give more information without having to scroll down to get to the information.

Additionally, I was able to add these 2 pop ups, which came up once clicked on the pages and reached the landing page, It was extra information that the audience had to read or see. We may include more of these such as the digipak as this advertises people to buy the digipack and they have to look at it with no choice.

I was able to add in the digipack and music video made on photoshop and premier pro into my website as people would’ve like to see them.

This website task has been very enjoyable and allowed us to be creative with making the projects as well as designing our merchandise, also I feel like my first draft has gone successfully and is beginning to look like a professional music website which I am personally pleased about.


Additionally I used specific techniques to represent the Indie Pop genre, I did this to convey the band image. I did this through the use of colour, we used pastel like colours as this followed our Indie Pop genre, also we have used this colours throughout the media product as they were used on the digipack as well as music video. These colours flowing throughout all the pieces were effective as they allowed the audience follow and relate them all together. We also represented our band in our webpage through the use of fonts, the fonts followed through from the digipack, we attempted to keep all of our fonts similar as they would flow through and be minimal change as this was consecutive and effective. Finally we did it through our images, the images throughout all of our work flowed and were used together. In the webpage we featured many images of our star as he was a clear and eye catching element relating them all together. We also featured a lot of images from the music video in our webpage, also we used the colour of the hexagons throughout our webpage. This impacted on our band as it related them all together effectively and you could distinctively identify them.

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