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Web Page Conventions

Using Screencastify we have created a script about the website of Florence and the Machine. We analysed it in far more detail using the correct terminology for a website. We analysed what was interesting and eye catching about it. We also chose Florence and the Machine to analyse as it is a similar genre to ours and we may be able to take some valuable points to how someone of the same genre will display organise their webpage to bring in the audience. When analysing a webpage, we have to think about AIDA; attraction, interest, desire and action so we are able to attract the right audience. We also have to think about the push and pull theory and the “Uses and Gratification” which are; Entertainment, Social Interaction, Personal Identity and Information and to use them throughout the webpage so more of the right audiences visits it.

The display of this website is far different as it is just one continuous page with little links to other pages and no navigation bar. However as you scroll it does make you stop and visit each site.

Here is Florence and the Machine webpage, click on it to get to the page.

click  on image to get to the main link

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