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Web Page Draft One

Shown below is my first draft of my my webpage. We made a webapge to include our digipack inside of it. This is the product we have produced so far and got feedback from peers and teachers on how we can improve this to get a finalised product.

Click on image to get to the webpage.

I feel like this draft was rather successful, I feel like was an easy site to use making our progress quick and effective. Using other tasks and our preparation towards making a webpage we have included many links to other pages within the site.

Giving our webapge to peers feedback we got back included :


  • The background images are very effective
  • Clear layout
  • News page is clear, short and effective
  • Images on news page are relative and specific to a certain person
  • Store page is simple and the products are clearly shown with good reveals of the other side when hovered over
  • Clear social media links

Improvements :

  • Prices on all products shown on all pages
  • Stadium names on tour dates
  • Purple box on home page isn’t colour relevant
  • ‘Follow and Subscribe’ next to social media links on home page
  • Make the masthead Jordan bigger and better so its the first thing you look at
  • Make music video bigger
  • Make all mastheads on pages bigger or make them stand out more
  • Center the tour dates

Additionally to this we got feedback from our teacher this included:

  • Match the pink from the digi pack and use other colour palettes
  • The site is to promote the digi pack so need more of it featured on the front page and some in the news section about it.
  • More continuity with the font, could use the digipack font on the mastheads
  • Caption some of the images for the photo gallery or add explanation for the images as a short news story by it.
  • Link the albums to some music, or a listen now option
  • Social media links to their real social media sites
  • Make more made up news stories
  • Book now for the tickets – link to ticketmaster
  • About – needs to be higher up on the menu as it introduces Jordan – use the mission statement and embellish it with some more facts and stats about him

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