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Website Previous Students Work

Here is my previous students work which I have chosen to analyse

We have analysed a previous students work to give us an insight and ideas of how me and Immy can present our website to make it eye catching to the audience. This could allow us to learn the conventions towards the website. I believe this website can be classed under the category of Indie pop/pop, which relates well to our genre and will be the better one for me to analyse. This is due to the pastel like colours, as well as the main image (hero shot) as this has the colours blue as well as the pink inside of it.

The website XX is very accessible and easy to maneuver around as it has a clear navigation bar shown at the top of the page. Also scrolling down below the fold  you have the option of moving onto tour dates as well as media and upcoming shows.

You were able to scroll down to the about section where you are able to find out information about the whole band in general, but not an individual star of the band which this could of benefited from also could of benefited by having more information about the band to allow the audience to create a bigger picture. Next the presentation of this website is effective even though it could do with more. The font used for the masthead ‘XX’ is followed through with the first letter of the headings. This is effective as it keeps it consistent and allows the brand to be followed through without even being placed there. Additionally, in the Discover section there is a lot of branding within the album covers as the use of the X has been continued throughout it all.

The music webpage has an effective use of mise-en-scene creating a young and powerful atmosphere. This is mainly down by the colours and lighting of the page with bold images included. With the use of the long shot for the front of the music video on the front page which has been carefully edited with the use of colours. The cinematography of this genre is shown through the images  using mid shots which creates the audience to take in the emotion which the artist is letting off, however the only non mid shot is the hero shot which is a wide shot of a person. Finally the use of clothing is chosen carefully, there is a majoirty of dark clothing which allows the colour to be bold around an image this portrays a more youth look as this dark emo look is being taken away by the careful editing of the backgrounds.

Furthermore this webpage fulfills Blumler and Katz uses of gratification through the use of the ‘sign up’ at the bottom of the page as it is a contribution of personal identity.




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