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Webpage Draft one and Final Draft with what has Changed

Here is a comparison between my first draft of my webpage and my final completed draft.

Throughout the media course we have used many new skills this has been shown through the 3 media products Music video, Digipack and Webpage.   We have adjusted our webpage from feedback we have been given, we have taken the feedback from our peers and teachers from this we feel like we have completed our webpage and are very happy with the outcome.

First Draft:

Final Draft- click on final draft image to be taken to the webpage

From our first draft to our final draft this is what we have improved:

  • We have changed the colours so they relate to the colours used within the digipack, allowing it to look better to the audiences eye.
  • We have added in links to ticket master for our tour dates page.
  • We made sure there were links to allow you to visit different pages ( on homepage if you click on digipack it takes you to the merchandise page)
  • We have included Social media links which link back to Saint PHNX pages on Facebook ,Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Spotify.
  • We have added new pages about the artist and the rest of the band allowing you to find out what is going on in their lives this is under the ‘about’ and News sections
  • We have added in background images these are either of our artists or of images taken of the scenery of our shoot.
  • We have created a gallery and added it to the end, this features all of our images and the original ones from digipack before edited
  • I created some more albums using images and making up new names and adding links to merchandise pages.
  • We have made the titles have borders making them stand out more, we did this by adding in a white outline which stood out on the blue.
  • We changed the colour and font of the titles and UK tour dates to make it clearer to read.
  • We made sure everything linked together and that it took you to the relevant page not random

We have made these changes from feedback we have been given, overall this has improved our webpage and I am pleased with the outcomes and differences.

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