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Music video Draft 2 (includes narrative)

Here is the draft 2 of my music video which includes performance and narrative. We have begun to add clips in places however we still do have a lot of work to do to perfect it. We have slowly started to add transitions. We also need to make the story make more sense to do this we will need to begin to move the clips around to begin to tell the relationship/ argument in this music video of which we vision. To help us with another shoot we will do we have begun to add text in the gaps where we believe certain clips should be.

Improvements :

  • Start to add more transitions
  • More reaction shots of the second guy
  • Have less of the drummer as she inst enthusiastic enough
  • Start to fill in the gaps needed
  • Make the jealousy of Jordan clearer
  • Make the audience establish what is going on between the two different guys more

Teachers improvements:

  • Start to re-organise the order to make it make more sense ( all beach ones, then all golf ones)
  • As well as transitions maybe adjust the lightening within premier
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Audience Ideologies

My song ‘One’ by Saint PHNX follows the genre of pop. Looking into my artists on they are not an option so looking into similar artists such as Sam Smith I was able to collaborate information to find my target audience. Within my group we have discussed who are focus is and how they’re democratic as well as political views.

This task was useful as we were able to find out our target audience and the age for our target audience is 18-24 and mainly female. This was useful when making my music video because I had a target audience to aim towards and I will know my interests.

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Production Skills Evaluation 1



Within making the music video we have been using premier pro whilst I have been using this I have completed my draft 1 of my music video where I have just added all of the footage I have added so far. Now after my second shoot I have began to make draft 2 of my music video.

Our video currently looks pretty normal as not many effects have been added to it yet, we have only used the basic ones. Moving on we would like to add alot more technical effects and transitions to improve the music video as  a whole.

Here I have began to add the narrative and have began to add effects and transitions to the music video. This allows the music video to run more smoothly. This includes things such as fading in and out of different clips. We used this to transition from a performance to the narrative and it made it run more smoothly.

A preliminary task called present face was useful in learning the basics of premier pro as it taught me how to cut from one person to another. Present face was a conversation between two people where we needed to capture shots such as reaction shots as well as someone talking. This was a useful task as we were able to use this in our music video project as we needed to capture emotions to allow the audience to understand the story better.

Also another skill I learnt was how to add music to a video. We used this in preliminary tasks such as present face and school montage. It was useful doing these in the tasks before the main music video as when we came to the music video we didn’t take long import and adding the music to premier pro.

Additionally I also used transitions such as blurring in and out. We found this by using you tube to look at effects available to be able to introduce the audience to our music video. The image below displays the blur effect and how we found it and where it was used.

Here are some useful technical skills I learnt :

  • How to sync the lip singing to the song more effectively by zooming into a clip and making it bigger and easier to manoeuvre on the timeline.
  • How to add different layers of clips
  • How to add transition effects which make the music video flow quicker
  • Changing the colour of a clip to either make it more summery or darker. This was useful to describe moods as you can use the colours to explain them.
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Shoot evaluation (narrative)

First shoot

Our first Narrative shoot was down Pembroke. It wasn’t as successful as we were not full prepared for it and didn’t have a clear enough shot list and we were trying to think of more stuff for the actors to do without making them feel awkward and to try and determine the relationship. We also didn’t have long enough their to film and gather enough footage to determine the relationships with the performers. On the other hand with the footage we did get we were able to get a lot of useful shoots with good camera angles which we will be using in the music video.

We plan to redo the shoot at a place where the actors can be themselves as this was them trying to pretend to be having sun leading it to looking fake. Also we will learn from this and created a more detailed shot list including a variety of different shots and shot angles.

Here is a photo from the shoot:

Second shoot 

We decided to take our second shoot at a various locations including; Fairy Ring, Olivia’s house and mini golf at bar 19. Doing it at different locations made the actors feel more comfortable as we were not always set up in a certain location. The weather worked well with us as we were able to go to these locations in the sun and allowed us to have fun whilst on the shoot, which played to our advantage as we kept the camera rolling on the actors sometimes without them knowing so they could be themselves, this enabled us to collect loads of shots that we needed.

When it came to editing we had loads of footage to choose from to fill the majority of the song. We also gained loads of different shots such as low angle which was really effective and was my favourite shot gained from the shoot. This was when they’re in the field and having a piggy back, this is also enabled us to communicate the relationship of the actors.

Here is a photo from the shoot:


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Narrative Moodboard

This was an essential part to our narrative planning as it enabled us to list all the shots which we wanted to use. We also chose which angles they were taken from, also allowing us to build on our narrative story and made it clearer what we wanted. Without doing this we could’ve missed out essential shots which would’ve meant we had to redo another shoot.

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Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

On 11th May 2018, we went to Cows-horn for our first filming day where we gathered lots of footage with varieties of shots

What went well

  • Actor got into character and exceeded our expectations
  • Location had lots of different heights which benefited us
  • Clear lip syncing even though it doesn’t match yet
  • Used different camera angles and shot types: close up, wide shot, low angles
  • Used camera techniques: Tracking shot, and pan

What didn’t go so well

  • Lyrics wern’t clearly known- need words written down next time
  • Needed another band member
  • Environment was against as it was windy making us needing to adapt to it

Targets to aid improvement

  • Another band member which will help convey the narrative accross
  • Boards with the words clearly written down on them and get the actor to look over the song more before hand
  • Use more instruments
  • Still need to get plenty more footage to cover all aspects of the song

Photos from filming on the day 

Here we are running through a section of our music video without the camera running to make sure the actors knew what they were doing and to check we had the camera positioned in the correct place. This was effective as everyone knew clearly what everyone else as well as themselves are doing without the additional pressure.

Here is our rough cut of our music video. This is not edited to sync with the lyrics. This enabled us to understand if we had enough footage to be able to last the whole song. This was helpful as we were able to find out we wanted more at different locations and more different heights involved.

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Star Image Planning

Whilst looking through different social media sights we have created a moodboard for our star image ‘SAINT PHNX’. We have been able to identity that they are a mysterious and secretive band as you can never find any photos of them selves living in their normal lives, also when they are in their own music videos there identity is hidden majority of the time by images. This has also allowed us to identify the mise en scene we would like in our music video especially concentrating on the clothing of the performer as this will be how they are represented to the audience and will convey the genre we are looking for our music video.