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Flow Chart and Preffered Website Template

The template below shows a way of which we would like to design our webpage. Using flowchart we were able to lay it out in the way we believe will keep the audience engaged and interested.

We included important aspects such as hero shots and links which make a webpage flow much more effectively.

We made sure we included different pages which include different things. One of the more important pages is merchandise as this draws in the audience eye and makes it eye catching and engaging to them as they can feel a part of this. We plan to make this big and bold including many features.

After making this we are able to go onto and begin to create a website using the templates provided.

We chose this template as it caught our eye with the indie like theme to it especially the pink like colour which flows well with our digipack. Additionally it was a clear and easy website to manouver and work with as it had a clear navigation bar and a clear place to put the masthead giving us a goof place to start.

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Website Terminology

Moving onto our next project after creating the digipak and music video, we are now creating a website. A website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked web pages that share a single domain name. Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organisation to serve a variety or purpose.

Below I have analysed 2 website home pages whilst using the correct terminology and understand the technical conventions of a website.  I looked into male artists to see how they have set out their websites. This will help with my webpage as we want the main focus to be a male. I looked into how they have brought in their target audience, this was used by the conventions such as leader board as it is big and bold and is the main thing you see first on the page to give you an understanding. Another effective aspect to the website is a hero shot as people can notice who the person is before they read the page. Another important aspect is the navigation bar; this allows people to move around the page easily and look at more about the artist or band.

This was an effective task as it made me take note what was important to include in the webpage. Allowing me to know what needs to be include in the webpage to draw in the audience.

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Digipack Draft 2

Below is my second draft of my digi pack. Productively making many improvements from the first draft to make all of the pages flow from one to the other.

Using the same idea with the background I have gone back to photoshop blending in different colours to find one that we like. I used the colours made by the shapes on the front page of the digipack.

Below the front page, we have not changed it too much. I have added a new background and made the image of jordan larger as well as making the shapes larger as this fills up the page more making it more bold and effective. Additionally I changed the font and made the ‘O’ bold and full just to make the word unique and clear.

Next the inside right. Here we have changed it loads from the first draft. Due to the first one didnt coincide with the theme effectivly. However, here we have used an image we took of Jordan as well as Immy and layered them and making a silhouette of hexagons which I have made on the inside right page to bring the pages together.

We kept this page simple as we have got alot going on the other pages therefore I just used the same colours and made hexagons whilst making them transparent as well to create a glow sort of look.

Finally the back page. We again used the background with different ways of presenting it, but we have blurred this one more as immy has painted a drum kit using pastel like colours which we have placed on to the back. This displays our band as we don’t have an image illustrating all of them.

Additionally we needed to add the copy write paragraph as well as barcode. We also created the sides keeping the same colours but a gradient effect added to it.

We then asked 3 peers for feedback on our digipack and these were our results:

Peer 1 

  • Good use of colour scheme, on the lines of the genre
  • Colours are complementary
  • Right amount of images and illustrations
  • Clear readable fonts

* Jordan could have an outline or larger to make him stand out more

* Add white into drum kit

Peer 2

  • The positioning of the girl following the silhouette works well
  • Good amount of tracks, also displayed clearly

* Less colours in the drum kit as clashes with background

* Dull down the shapes on the front page as they’re bold compared to the low opacity image

Peer 3 

  • Nice use of colours on the drum kit as it follows the colour pallet nicely
  • Pastel hexagons work very well with the theme

* Adjust the gradient on shapes so light comes from same place


After the feedback from peers and teachers the main areas we will focus on adjusting are :

  1.  Front cover shapes are too bold
  2.  Make the drum kit more separated from background


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Digipack Draft 1

Below is the first draft of our digipack. I played around on photoshop to get different backgrounds. I did this by using the paint brushes and then stamping them together finishing it off with blurring them together. This was a plain simple back ground which was effective for our shoot.

With the front page I have mostly finished it we just need to play around with trying to make it bigger as I personally find it slightly to small and needs to cover more of the page. Additionally we need to change the font or positioning or Reload as it needs to be

Next the inside two pages. We have used the background technique on these two images, where we have also used the dress on the right hand side. We have a vision on this girl holding a rainbow of some sort or slightly different.

Finally the back page we have used the same types of colours to the other pages so that it flows efficiently. Additionally we have kept our font of our song titles simple as we  want it to be clear and readable.

Below is our teachers feedback done by a screencastify:

Want went well :

  • The background and how it has been done
  • Nice sizing of image
  • Like the way we have placed the different songs
  • Drum kit idea
  • Lower case of jordan




  • Change colours of backgrounds and use it on all the pages using a colour pallets
  • Change image as it isn’t ours at the moment  (maybe no need fro the inner image )
  • Add more rainbows making them bleed accross into insdie panel
  • Fill more of the space
  • Consider a different background to go around the drum kit
  • look at fonts of Reload and jordan


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Evaluation of Shoot

We did a total of 3 shoots towards my digi pack and webpage. We used the white room for two shoots as we were able to gain shots of Jordan and some of Immy in her point shoes and some without.  We also went on a shoot just to get images of Guernsey. We based ourselves at Cobo, where we also went up the guet to get some images which we would be able to use and photoshop to our own style. We got these as our website requires alot of images and we wanted to make sure that we had enough to cover it all.

Below is an image we gained of immy using the white room where it was successful and we can use it effectively in our digipack.

Below is when we went to the guet to get more images for our digi pack we got more scenic images and some images of immy. This shoot was also effective as we got a lot of images.



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Production Skills

Within making this digipack I have learnt many more new productions skills to help get my product to the place I want it to be.

Firstly, our vision for the digipack was to have Jordan with something coming out of his eyes as well as something where his face would be. To try and work it out myself I began by looking on YouTube here I found the video shown below. This video was more advanced and here I did learn a lot however I also gained help from an old A level student who has used these programs before. This effect has a positive impact on my indie pop genre as it has the edgy urban look but still has the typical pop close up shot, it also makes our star look different and engaging as this guy is mysterious and you never know what he is really thinking therefore this look is effective as it looks like your looking inside his head and what he is visioning it gives a sense of an illusion, this skill impacts on how the audience perceive the main star.

With this help we created this as a trial image, we did it on a front facing close up as this was an easy image to learn on however we will instead change it to a side image if possible. We would like to be able to put this into our digipak as we feel the sunset blended into our star image’s face will help convey our genre more due to the use of colours and location.

This image was effective and different and will be used in my digipak or website.

Additionally I have learnt how to over lay the circles while adding a gradient to it to make it more faded in. This was effective as it made shapes not to be so sharp and bold on the page and allows them to fade in more. We chose the baby pink circles up against the blue background as the colours contrasts really well together but also representing the indie pop style.

Finally using Photoshop and indesign we managed to change the photo of our star image to be a silhouette so the girl which we have brightened can contrast and stand out more on top. Also by layering the images on top of one another to make it more effective. We wanted to add colour to this page as it looked a bit plain, so we decided to add the hexagons which is on the opposite page to this page, we made them coming out of the girls hand and made them go small to big as they went onto the next page. This was efficient as it made the two inside pages flow into one another easier.

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Contact Sheets, Graphic and Illustrations

After discussing and planning with my partner what we wanted our digipak to look like and what images we have planned to shoot, we took some of our time to go into the white studio to take photos of our star image. Below are my contact sheets where I have separated them into good and bad shots so we will find it easier to find the photos when coming to producing our digipak and webpage. We had a productive shoot which ran smoothly due to previous planning and I feel like we have captured really good shots that represents our genre well. We got the shots of which we wanted and more as we used the girl more than we expected.

Here are my shots which went well and ones which we will use; these worked really well as they were in focus and they represented our genre of Indie Pop the best.


Here are some of the shots which didn’t turn out as well; as you can see the lighting was completely off, it was too bright as we the aperture was not set on the right setting so we couldn’t see the star image’s facial expression and what they are trying to convey for the genre which is mysteriousness.

Additionally, I did some attempts on Photoshop for the graphics design this took time as I watched youtube videos to gain this outcome. We really liked the idea of in image of a landscape blended into Jordan’s face as we thought it would represent out genre very well.

We spent a lot of time as a pair creating shapes that we thought would go well for our genre. We decided to use triangles and circles with the pastel colour scheme to convey the Indie Pop genre. We are planning on using the rainbow colour scheme coming out of the girls arms and head as we are hoping it will look original and effective.

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Photo shoot /Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

Using the internet we looked up  images we might of been able to use and to give us an idea of what we will want for our digipak we used things such as Pinterest. After this we had a meeting with Jordan to see when he was available to be able to do a shoot in the white studio. Next (shown below) we created a production meeting agenda so people understood what was their responsible to bring to this shoot.  Finally we completed a risk assessment to identify the risks that could come with this shoot.

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Feedback On Mock-up and targets

Reflecting on our mock up of our digi pack peers have said our digi pack shows an Urban like feel to it, this was mainly to do with the colours. We would like to change and make it more fun but not too much this is the reason for us to be changing our digipack to a more of pastel like colours.

We went though and asked people what genre and adjectives and these were our results:


What went well : 

  • Nice mix of images ( people, band, illusion)
  • The titles of the songs were clearly demonstrated
  • Great way to show it is a band using a drum kit

Targets :

  • Make it more ‘fun’ without taking away the urban look on it
  • Find a clear name for the band
  • Find a clear name for the lead singer or band
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Digi-pack Photo Mock-up

Below is a mock-up digipack for my band. For this I have looked at my mood boards and pintrest to find images which fit with my genre and go well with what we would like.

This is what we came up with:


We liked these images as it had a good mix of people,faces and emotions and explained out genre. With our actual digipack we would like to use more pastel like colours as they go better with our genre however for this one we concentrated more on the shapes ect.

I found our front cover effective as it used numerous shapes and it was abit different. Also I liked the way the face was placed in the middle of the shape. This goes well with the Indie pop genre as they don’t always use the artist on the front and if they do it is slightly different and edgy, therefore this was effective as this had the right ratio of person to background. Additionally, with the front we have not clarified if this will be our album however we split up the word and placed them on opposite sides where the last letter of one word runs on to the first letter of the other. With the name of our artist in the bottom left to make people aware of who the person was. We have not decided if we will change this to a band name or not yet.

Next for the first inside left we have the idea of the guy (Jordan) to be looking at the next page as it will make the audiences eyes follow the page to where the CD would be. The photo we have is effective and has given people as well as ourselves ideas of the image we are wanting to use, anyhow we want to include a photo that draws attention to our  CD using the eye line of our star. Shown within out moodboards we have imaged using coloured smoke or flares if this is possible however we will go more into this.

Following on, the inside right is using the patterns shown in our moodboard. It is not as clearly shown due to the printer not printing it as clearly. Within the background image there are small squares within it showing an edgy type look. We also bonded with the idea of a the dress with no head or legs as we found it effective and different. We have an idea to do this and put it in a background which we can create.

Finally the back page, is an artistc image of a drum kit. For this we intended to either draw and paint, or photoshop it using alot more pastel colours. We decided this was the best for out back page as we had already used photos of people and this was just different to the others, it also represented our band. We have made the songs clear and bold on the top personally I think we could’ve either made the drums bigger or the words of the titles bigger.

After creating the digi pack mock-up we went round asking peers outside of media studies what genre and adjective best descried our digi pack, and these were the results we got:

  • Folk – 0
  • R&B – 0
  • Country Western – 0
  • Indie Folk – 6
  • Indie pop – 9
  • Rock – 2
  • Pop – 0
  • Jazz – 1
  • Reggae – 0

This was successful as majority did go for Indie pop which was correct. The second top was Indie folk which we were knew we were still on the right track with the Indie theme.

  • Rebellious – 2
  • Fun – 3
  • Mysterious – 4
  • Young – 6
  • Deviant  – 0
  • Fresh – 0
  • Urban – 8
  • Folky – 4
  • Romantic – 0

This was alot more spread out to the genre’s, we wanted to go for young, urban and fun, therefore this was mostly successful however we did not have as many people choosing fun, with the hope of following our idea of going more pastel colours this will liven up our digipack more.