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So…How is it going ?

I have created 3 pages of a music magazine, front page, contents page and a double page spread, I find that all the pages link together and follow my magazine genre ‘Contemporary R&B’. The models inside my magazine show that they’re, proud, powerful and a performer this is how artists within the real world of this genre like to be perceived such as Beyonce. Using a wide range of models with different type of facial expressions to show pride in what they’re doing, my artists are dressed like music stars and this is how they like to be perceived. With the design of the magazine pages I have looked for inspiration at other artists in the genre as well as other magazines like Q magazine and finding my target audience and seeing what t hey like to see the best.

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Design Skills 2

whilst proceeding with the course new skills have been learnt mainly in the in-design and Photoshop areas. Skills such as:


  • text wrapping – With creating the double page spread (as shown) I have wrapped the around the image making it far more effective and means it does not take up so much room. Also the impact of text wrapping leads to you following the words onto the image which makes a reader drawn into the whole page.
  • Transparency- Using in-design instead of Photoshop I found it far easier to make an image transparent. This was effective on my contents page as it did not take up as much room as I could place it behind the heading. Also it didn’t make the whole page so busy but also didn’t make it look like you were trying to cram the page.
  • Finally I was able to find fonts from the internet and use them in my project. I download a font named Honeymoon whihc I used alot throughout my front page also on my contents page I added a new see through font.



  • For my double page spread I had developed my skills of masking an image, I was able to feather and image better and smooth the outside of the image. I found this made the image look a lot neater on the page. As well as that I added a drop shadow on the image leading it too glow off the page. finally, I contrasted the face of the model to lighten up the page.

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Double Page Spread

Draft 1

Here is my first draft of my double page spread, I have included Latin writing to show myself how long my article needs to be to fill the gap I had left for the article to fit


  • The image is nice, large clear and is in the right place, they like how it flows onto the article is effective
  • The lines at the top give it a good structure.

Targets of improments:

  • More colour
  • The writing on Lauras are just does not look like it is in the right place
  • Make the gradient flow through both pages instead of just behind the image
  • Also the image needs to be lifted of the page, I will try to improve this by putting a glow around it or a shadow on it

From this feedback I m going to try to include colour also I would like to try and split the first paragraph of my article and  place it nearer the image, this will try to create tension and seperates the inroduction form the srticle, and will hopefully make my double page spread look more presentable.

Here is my final draft of my double page spread, there will be little changes to this for my penultimate draft.

Changes for my penultimate draft will be to just add colour/ contrast to the image to make it bolder on the page. Also I will try and add a drop shadow to the image to push it off the page. Apart from that I am happy with my final draft.

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Design Skills 1

Through making my first 2 pages of my music magazine ( front page and contents page ) i have learned many new skills mainly using Photoshop and In design.


  • Selecting and masking an image to be able to cut out remainders you have missed.
  • Feathering the outside of an image. This is beneficial to my image as it makes it look more proffessial and when i cut it out on Photoshop it doesn’t look very smooth, Using the feather on Photoshop improves the image and makes it look far better when brought up onto my music magazine on Indesign.   (Include image)
  • How to make a contact sheet and uploading it


  • Making the individual letter of words all different sizes and being able to split them all up.

To help me with the rest of my music magazine i will need to :

  • Learn how to cut out the hair more accurately
  • Smoothing the edges of images
  • Change the colours of images / brightening up images
  • Indesign – learn how to shape words around text
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Contents page

Click on image to see full screen.

Here is my first draft of my content page. Using my Lick and Stick mock up I have created a Contents page, for my next attempt I will try to tidy up the Photoshop of the images and then place the contents in more of a sizes order. Also to improve my draft I will try to create a gradient background/ boarder on Indesign which will follow the colour scheme of the red and will make the page more interesting and engaging. As well as that I would like to try and make my insert image more engaging as I feel like it has just been placed there, this may be done by changing the colour of the image to black and white and cut it out on Photoshop.


Peer Feedback :

  • The image is extremely effective, Bold, Big
  • All the words on the page are bold and easy to read.
  • The way the contents have been placed in the boxes gives the page an extra feature with it all following the same colour theme.

Targets for development:

  • You could make the image even bigger to fill the whole side of the page.
  • There are not enough contents, so more are needed to be added.
  • There needs to be some type of border, colour, gradient. The white background is effective but too plain.

For my Draft 2 of my content pages I have included a gradient background and I have made all the pages go into one box i have also added labels to the images so you as a reader would know which page to turn to. Finally I have changed the G fro Grammy to the same consistent to the one on front page.

To improve this i will

  • make the main image larger
  • Change the number to match the same fonts
  • image in top left more involved into the page (not looking like its just been placed there)


Here is my final draft of my Contents page.

Improvements I have made to this draft include:

  • Making my main image larger to fill majority of the page
  • Adding an image behind to make it blend into the background
  • Also I have made the numbers on the page the same font as the contents.
  • Also I have placed all of the contents within one box

To improve my penultimate draft I will add a glow to Laura or a drop back shadow.

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Front page

Draft 1

Click on image to see a full screen.

Using my Lick and Stick mock up I have created the first draft of my front page, for my next draft i will try and remove the white line around the image by redoing my Photoshop of the image again.

Feedback front page :

  •  Good use of colors as they all blend and work as one another.
  •  The use of a background is effective with the colour of gold words
  • The fonts all work cohesively together

Targets for Development front page :

  • Make the image bigger
  • Your barcode is meant to be on the right hand side of the page on the front of a magazine cover.
  • Bolden up the masthead and make it straighter.
  • The ….. are too close together and look too continues, spread them out a bit

I will take the corrections and apply them to my first draft to make it better, and to improve my music magazine.


A new improved front page

For my penultimate draft I will add a date and price to the page apart from that I will keep it the same.