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So…How can an image communicate meaning?

Within starting this course I have realized the importance of an image and how it can communicate meaning someone looking at it or reading it. The use of mise en scene is very important in an image to make an image meaningful important factors to look out for are;

  • Clothing
  • Angle
  • Lighting
  • Story behind the image
  • Facial expressions/ emotions / makeup
  • Lighting
  • props

When you look at an image you don’t realize this is how much you take in. From doing this course it has made me realize how much I’ve got to consider when taking photos and presentation of my music magazine.

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Technical Camera Terms

Here is a contact sheet of photos which I have taken displaying different camera angles.

This activity has helped me develop my knowledge on camera angles, this has made other tasks easier to analyse and write up about as I can know terms such as, rule of thirds and can now identify terms like, medium close up, close ups and long shots this is some of the shots I have used in my photos. This has also made me realize how important an angle or shot can be to a audience as it is the difference between drawing in a persons attention or not.

When taking the photos we made sure the main part of the image is in the center as that is where your eyes first glance at, this was even when the main focus of the image was a long shot photo, we still made sure it was in the center.

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My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

For this task my group was allocated a genre to dress up as design are own version of the genre.


Here I created a moodboard with the genre in mind being punk, this helped to inspire the outfits to dress up in for the task ahead. As you can see the genre of punk usually consists of outfits such as, leather jackets, and black or dark coloured bottoms. As well as that they usually include the colours red, black, white and grey. Finally they all take pride with how they look, pose and their hair.

With loads of  trial and error attempts my team came up with this outfit, this included a leather jacket, colourful top (with the colour majority of red), we uses black trousers to represent the colour that they most commonly dress in, as well as that we included black boots as this also a commonly occurring aspect to their general outfit. Finally, we included a hat this was to represent how they treasure their hair styles and the way they look. We deliberately did not place the hat on the top of head so some of the hair showed through this showed the self respect the person gave for them self.  

Here are some adjectives which would best relate to the character:






After we had decided an outfit we did a mini photo shoot, from this i created a contact sheet of the photos taken. We took various photos at different angles and various distances apart this was to catch different types of lightning and it gave a different perspective to the viewer viewing the photos.

Click on to see in more detail.














Out of all the photos, this is the photo i have chosen. I chose this photo as it betrays the attitude of a punk artist as: serious, evil and vain. From the trial photo in the classroom we have included a black glove and sunglasses, this made the person seem like they love the limelight and wants to become center of attention.

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Print media that communicates meaning

Annotation of a music magazine front cover

Here I have been given an professional music magazine front cover which I have annotated to give myself ideas when creating one myself so i would know the key features included in a music magazine.

Annotating this media front cover has made me realize how much you take within a single glance of an image. You look so much more into an image than recognize, the colour of an image is very important as well as the way it is set out. It make me understand when you create you own how much you’ve got to concentrate on looks, presentation and if its eye catching too the reader.

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Within the next 2 years of learning through media studies I would like to be able to expand my knowledge and skills in creating types of media. I’m excited to learn more skills to be able to use in the future. I already have some aspects of transferrable skills which I have been able to use within my media these include, English skills for the essay writing as well as ICT skills to be able to manoeuvre around the sites. I have also  been able to gain skills such as teamwork, and new presentation skills, I have learned this in such a short time and intrigued to see what else I can learn. A skill which I am highly interested to learn is how to put together a well presented magazine cover. Including the correct fonts, styles, colour, spacing to make it more engaging for an audience prospective. As well as that I’m also interested in learning which other apps other than Photoshop they use to create things such as magazines. As well as that I would love to gain experiences in Photoshop as I  had never really used it in the past and would like to try it out and see how they use Photoshop on a magazine.   Through out the course I’m also hoping I will be able to learn skills which I will be able to pass on to others in the near future.


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So…I’m a Media Prosumer

Here is the collage of my media consumption

The images i have used within my collage are examples of media i use on a regular occasion. I use media such as Instagram, Snapchat, as social interaction as you can easily talk to your friends. Likewise things such as BBC IPlayer, Our Girl are forms of entertainment. I also use BBC News, Guernsey Press and Olympics to gather and gain information. However majority of types of media are multipurpose, this means they give you multiple types of information, examples of these are Snapchat, Facebook, and casualty. Media is an important part of our lives today we are using it constantly by watching a program of iPlayer to listening to a song by Adele.


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