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My Audience Profiling

I have created an Facebook profile including information and interests in what i see to be my target audience for my music magazine. Using to gather data and create a clearer picture of an viewer from age, interest, and activities also while including the music artists they would be into as these are the ones which I have considered for my music magazine.

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Branding Ideas and Mission Statement

The name I have chosen for my magazine is Grammy this is because the artists within the genre are proud, confident and modest, they believe they’re the best and could be the best. They also love the camera and enjoy posing. The genre I have chosen for my music magazine is contemporary R&B. Examples of artists included within this genre are people such as; Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Adele, Usher and Mariah Carey. Grammy magazine is aimed at two age groups 18-24 and 30-45, this will mean it will have to be funky and engaging as well as sophisticated yet simple.

Here I have created a word cloud of some of the words which best describe the genre of the character.

Mission Statement:

Grammy magazine brings music alive within the golden world. Featuring your favorite artists such as Beyonce and Usher, highlighting all their new singles and recent releases to allowing you to be on top just like your beloved stars. This is where you will find out the real identity behind the image of your cherished artists. The Grammy aims to keep you updated with new releases and information hot off the press.







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Previous Student’s Work

The Previous Student’s work which I found particularly interesting was example 2. This was because i found it most engaging and interesting.

Here is an image of the previous students work of which I analysed this includes a front page, contents page and a double page spread, this will be what I will be creating as part of my project.

Use of camera and Photoshop

I found the camera angles effective and made this magazine much more interesting and engaging.  On the Front Page there is a medium long shot photo with the use of layers, the main cover star has been layered to be behind the text to create an engaging effect. The use of Photoshop and how they’ve cut out the person has made a 3D type look. Also the photographer has made the model look down, the designer has created the effect where the model looks down on the words this is captivating as it makes a reader also look at the words. Next on the cover page the main image has the model looking directly into the camera at a high angle medium long shot, it makes the image the main image as it is eye catching. As well as that they have used multiple different camera angles in a small creative design on the page, using mid shot, medium close up and long shots. Finally the page also follows the theme of the magazine. Finally, the double page spread uses 2 long shots covering majority of the page. The image is very well lit and uses two different variety of angles, as well as framing. The designer has used photo shop to adjust the colours of the image to make it more eye catching and effective. The model has been cut out very accurately and well and was inserted effectively into a flower.

Use of Mise-en-scene 

Within the magazine the use of mise-en-scene has been effective and consistent throughout, it mainly shows that the magazine is fashion magazine featuring women. The style of clothing connotes a feminine magazine and a trendy stylish style. The accessories such as the ice lollies  are effective as the words flow adequately into the masthead. Additionally the way the chair is used in the double page spread but then had been Photo shopped out of is effective as the designer has created a flower for the model to be sat on.

Use of choice of words

Next the choice of words helps create the theme of the magazine. For example the words on the double page spread ‘Prom Queen’ these words show that the magazine is a fashionable feminine magazine aimed at the female side. Each page of the magazine have not been overloaded in words which makes the words on the page simple, eye catching, engaging and their bold.

Use of colour 

Finally the use of colour throughout all 3 pages work really well together as they are neutral and each page highlights a key colour matching an image. The colours have been made to match the person or clothing they are wearing.

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A Front Cover Analysis

Above I have analysed the Q magazine. The magazine uses colour to engage the audience. The contrasting colours of the red of the hair and the Q sign draws people in because it is unique. The white colours also stand out and shows the reader the important information they want to give across. Finally the writing, is big, bold, and eye catching to the reader which makes them want to read further. I have realised the way a magazine is put across to a reader is extremely important as it’s the way to grab the attention of the reader.

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Audience Profiling

By using the site ‘yougov’ we created an audience profile. I did the magazine ‘MOJO’. In the top left is the interests of the MOJO magazine and in the top right are the target audience of which the magazine aim to focus on, they’re focusing on males particularly within the age bracket 40-54. Finally on the middle right is the brands ‘mission statement’, this basically explains the goals f the designers and what they would like to achieve or their final project to be.’

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The Design features of a Magazine

This is an annotated sheet of the design features which creatures consider when creating a magazine cover.


Whist doing this activity of labelling the design features it has made me consider how much detail and precision is put into creating a magazine cover. I believed that it was just what a creature thought looked correct for a cover. But they actually create it for what the audience like and what draws in their attention. Within doing this activity I have learned a lot more about what goes onto a magazine cover, this will mean when I create one I will definitely be including the features I have learned into my magazine.