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So how did it go?

Looking back at my first draft of my music magazine I feel like their is significance difference of improvement. Going through the course I had developed multiple new skill which I incorporated into improving my draft, such as Photoshop. Whilst using Photoshop I learnt and found new things I could do to an image this impacted how my drafts looked like.











The biggest impact on my magazine was the comparison between the first draft of my contents page and the penultimate draft. This is because my development of the course and learning throughout i developed more skills in in-design and Photoshop made me improve my magazine. In in-design I learnt how to create gradients making my page more interesting and colorful. Also I learnt how to make an image transparent, which allowed me to place an image whilst also being able to make it big so it did not get in the way of others.


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Design Skills 2

whilst proceeding with the course new skills have been learnt mainly in the in-design and Photoshop areas. Skills such as:


  • text wrapping – With creating the double page spread (as shown) I have wrapped the around the image making it far more effective and means it does not take up so much room. Also the impact of text wrapping leads to you following the words onto the image which makes a reader drawn into the whole page.
  • Transparency- Using in-design instead of Photoshop I found it far easier to make an image transparent. This was effective on my contents page as it did not take up as much room as I could place it behind the heading. Also it didn’t make the whole page so busy but also didn’t make it look like you were trying to cram the page.
  • Finally I was able to find fonts from the internet and use them in my project. I download a font named Honeymoon whihc I used alot throughout my front page also on my contents page I added a new see through font.



  • For my double page spread I had developed my skills of masking an image, I was able to feather and image better and smooth the outside of the image. I found this made the image look a lot neater on the page. As well as that I added a drop shadow on the image leading it too glow off the page. finally, I contrasted the face of the model to lighten up the page.

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Design Skills 1

Through making my first 2 pages of my music magazine ( front page and contents page ) i have learned many new skills mainly using Photoshop and In design.


  • Selecting and masking an image to be able to cut out remainders you have missed.
  • Feathering the outside of an image. This is beneficial to my image as it makes it look more proffessial and when i cut it out on Photoshop it doesn’t look very smooth, Using the feather on Photoshop improves the image and makes it look far better when brought up onto my music magazine on Indesign.   (Include image)
  • How to make a contact sheet and uploading it


  • Making the individual letter of words all different sizes and being able to split them all up.

To help me with the rest of my music magazine i will need to :

  • Learn how to cut out the hair more accurately
  • Smoothing the edges of images
  • Change the colours of images / brightening up images
  • Indesign – learn how to shape words around text
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So…I am ready to photograph my star

From the tasks so far I have earned the importance of the camera angles when taking a photo. For images i will want to use in my music magazine i will need to make sure i get various different angles. I never realized how much more effective it is with different shots from close ups of the face to full body shots and how you can cooperate each image into a magazine page so easily.

Another factor to be considered is the mise en scene and how it is used in magazines. The way you use lighting, costumes and makeup are so important when finding the right image, for example if you dint have the right outfit your genre will not be given across as well as lighting you need the right lighting which will bring across the emotion and type of magazine you’re creating.

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SO…I’m ready to make some media!

Throughout the duration of the media studies course I have gained and developed loads of new skills and techniques which will help me when I start designing my own music magazine these are skills like; identifying and using mis-en-scene as well as all different types of camera angles these will help us a lot with our magazine designing but we also learnt techniques like using in design and photo shop to help with the creative side to it. Next half-term I am going to use the skills in term one and use them in my own design to create a music magazine on my music genre Contemporary R&B.

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So…How can an image communicate meaning?

Within starting this course I have realized the importance of an image and how it can communicate meaning someone looking at it or reading it. The use of mise en scene is very important in an image to make an image meaningful important factors to look out for are;

  • Clothing
  • Angle
  • Lighting
  • Story behind the image
  • Facial expressions/ emotions / makeup
  • Lighting
  • props

When you look at an image you don’t realize this is how much you take in. From doing this course it has made me realize how much I’ve got to consider when taking photos and presentation of my music magazine.