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Within the next 2 years of learning through media studies I would like to be able to expand my knowledge and skills in creating types of media. I’m excited to learn more skills to be able to use in the future. I already have some aspects of transferrable skills which I have been able to use within my media these include, English skills for the essay writing as well as ICT skills to be able to manoeuvre around the sites. I have also  been able to gain skills such as teamwork, and new presentation skills, I have learned this in such a short time and intrigued to see what else I can learn. A skill which I am highly interested to learn is how to put together a well presented magazine cover. Including the correct fonts, styles, colour, spacing to make it more engaging for an audience prospective. As well as that I’m also interested in learning which other apps other than Photoshop they use to create things such as magazines. As well as that I would love to gain experiences in Photoshop as I  had never really used it in the past and would like to try it out and see how they use Photoshop on a magazine.   Through out the course I’m also hoping I will be able to learn skills which I will be able to pass on to others in the near future.


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So…I’m a Media Prosumer

Here is the collage of my media consumption

The images i have used within my collage are examples of media i use on a regular occasion. I use media such as Instagram, Snapchat, as social interaction as you can easily talk to your friends. Likewise things such as BBC IPlayer, Our Girl are forms of entertainment. I also use BBC News, Guernsey Press and Olympics to gather and gain information. However majority of types of media are multipurpose, this means they give you multiple types of information, examples of these are Snapchat, Facebook, and casualty. Media is an important part of our lives today we are using it constantly by watching a program of iPlayer to listening to a song by Adele.