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Evaluation of Web Design Application

Doing this task of creating a web page I have learnt a lot of skills and media terminology such as, the importance of above the fold and below the fold, a landing page which is where a link would take you to and the meaning a hero shot gives to an audience to gain their attention.

I can now use the correct terminology for areas I’ve been trying to explain in the past, for example, the menu choices at the top of the page with options to get to other pages is called a navigation bar, the terminology I now know make it quicker and easier to analyse work and know that people would understand what I am talking about.

With never using I had a lot to learn making my website most successful it could be. Wix was not very complicated however if I got stuck on any aspects I would go onto YouTube for help.

Below I have added numerous different pages within my website, these would be the landing pages when an option was clicked from the navigation bar.

Next, I was able to add different elements such as ‘buttons’ this would take you to a different option when clicked on. I used this numerous times within the website as it was an element which the audience would find interesting to look for more. There were also options to create ‘strips’. I used this on the news page as I was able to get information on the page without making it big and long. Also I used the ‘interactive’ button as I was able to include sub slideshows within the page to give more information without having to scroll down to get to the information.

Additionally, I was able to add these 2 pop ups, which came up once clicked on the pages and reached the landing page, It was extra information that the audience had to read or see. We may include more of these such as the digipak as this advertises people to buy the digipack and they have to look at it with no choice.

I was able to add in the digipack and music video made on photoshop and premier pro into my website as people would’ve like to see them.

This website task has been very enjoyable and allowed us to be creative with making the projects as well as designing our merchandise, also I feel like my first draft has gone successfully and is beginning to look like a professional music website which I am personally pleased about.

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Production Skills

Within making this digipack I have learnt many more new productions skills to help get my product to the place I want it to be.

Firstly, our vision for the digipack was to have Jordan with something coming out of his eyes as well as something where his face would be. To try and work it out myself I began by looking on YouTube here I found the video shown below. This video was more advanced and here I did learn a lot however I also gained help from an old A level student who has used these programs before. This effect has a positive impact on my indie pop genre as it has the edgy urban look but still has the typical pop close up shot.

With this help we created this as a trial image, we did it on a front facing close up as this was an easy image to learn on however we will instead change it to a side image if possible. We would like to be able to put this into our digipak as we feel the sunset blended into our star image’s face will help convey our genre more due to the use of colours and location.

This image was effective and different and will be used in my digipak or website.

Additionally I have learnt how to over lay the circles while adding a gradient to it to make it more faded in. This was effective as it made shapes not to be so sharp and bold on the page and allows them to fade in more. We chose the baby pink circles up against the blue background as the colours contrasts really well together but also representing the indie pop style.

Finally using Photoshop and indesign we managed to change the photo of our star image to be a silhouette so the girl which we have brightened can contrast and stand out more on top. Also by layering the images on top of one another to make it more effective. We wanted to add colour to this page as it looked a bit plain, so we decided to add the hexagons which is on the opposite page to this page, we made them coming out of the girls hand and made them go small to big as they went onto the next page. This was efficient as it made the two inside pages flow into one another easier.

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Feedback On Mock-up and targets

Reflecting on our mock up of our digi pack peers have said our digi pack shows an Urban like feel to it, this was mainly to do with the colours. We would like to change and make it more fun but not too much this is the reason for us to be changing our digipack to a more of pastel like colours.

We went though and asked people what genre and adjectives and these were our results:


What went well : 

  • Nice mix of images ( people, band, illusion)
  • The titles of the songs were clearly demonstrated
  • Great way to show it is a band using a drum kit

Targets :

  • Make it more ‘fun’ without taking away the urban look on it
  • Find a clear name for the band
  • Find a clear name for the lead singer or band
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Our Mission Statement

We creating a mission statement, we had to make sure we knew who our target audience is; we used YouGov to help us realise who are audience is and what their interest and demographics are which will help us when creating our products.

Who is our audience?

A call to action

Who are the competitions?

Your USP (Unique Selling Point) 

Our Mission Statement

Reload puts the twist on the love, loyalty and lies within relationships, exposing the hypocrisy of modern relationships. Reload is in the Indie Rock genre and the vibe is an urban contemporary take on modern day life, integrating the conception of love with Indie rock.


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Production Skills Evaluation 1

Within making the music video we have been using premier pro, whilst I have been using this I have completed my draft 1 of my music video where I have just added all of the footage I have added so far. Now after my second shoot I have began to make draft 2 of my music video.

Our video currently looks pretty normal as not many effects have been added to it yet, we have only used the basic ones. Moving on we would like to add a lot more technical effects and transitions to improve the music video as  a whole.

Here I have began to add the narrative and have began to add effects and transitions to the music video to see what effects goes well with what clip. This allows the music video to run more smoothly. This includes things such as fading in and out of different clips. We used this to transition from a performance to the narrative to make it run more smoothly.

A preliminary task called present face was useful in learning the basics of premier pro as it taught me how to cut from one person to another. Present face was a conversation between two people where we needed to capture shots such as reaction shots as well as someone talking. This was a useful task as we were able to use this in our music video project as we needed to capture emotions to allow the audience to understand the story better.

Also another skill I learnt was how to add music to a video. We used this in preliminary tasks such as present face and school montage. It was useful doing these in the tasks before the main music video as when we came to the music video we didn’t take long to import and add the music to premier pro.

Additionally I also used transitions such as blurring in and out which gives a sense of the star image not being identified at the start to being identified as it became clearer. We found this by using you tube to look at effects available to be able to introduce the audience to our music video. The image below displays the blur effect and how we found it and where it was used.

Here are some useful technical skills I learnt :

  • How to sync the lip singing to the song more effectively by zooming into a clip and making it bigger and easier to manoeuvre on the timeline.
  • How to add different layers of clips
  • How to add transition effects which make the music video flow quicker
  • Changing the colour of a clip to either make it more summery or darker. This was useful to describe moods as you can use the colours to explain them.