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Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

We had a visitor Lenny Lengfesty who works with making movies and is involved in the industry. He assisted us in thinking through our ideas and pitch for our music video, giving us useful tips we will need to use to make our music video best and how to best use our music video. His feedback helped us make our music video ideas more efficient and gave us many more ideas.

In his feedback he suggested that we made a shot list to know what will be happening at the exact point in the song, also the meaning of the shot to allow us to be able to understand what is happening which will make it easier to explain it to our performer what is happening so they can get into their character easier.

Following his feedback we created a shot list which involved 2 pages of a structured understanding of what will be happening in each shot. We will take this to the shoot with us as we will understand which shots are needed and we will not miss any.

Summary points of feedback given included:

  • Have a clear story line and write or make a story board to understand what you have and you can adjust it if needed.
  • Don’t forget about shot reverse shots.
  • Make sure you establish the relationship between the performers clearly near the start.
  • Reaction shots are important.
  • Always record it all in a wide shot and a close up as these are the most essential angles.
  • Keep the camera running as you may be able to get good footage still
  • Run it longer than you need so that you don’t cut anything out you need.
  • Make sure you’re organised for your first shoot – making sure your actors know what they are bringing and the lyrics.
  • Stabilise all the shots so they run smoothly.

Here is a tutorial video on how to stabilise a shot:


This was very useful as it has given us useful tips to help plan for our music video and will mean we can get all the shots needed plus extra we didn’t even think about.