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Flow Chart and Preffered Website Template

The template below shows a way of which we would like to design our webpage. Using flowchart we were able to lay it out in the way we believe will keep the audience engaged and interested.

We included important aspects such as hero shots and links which make a webpage flow much more effectively.

We made sure we included different pages which include different things. One of the more important pages is merchandise as this draws in the audience eye and makes it eye catching and engaging to them as they can feel a part of this. We plan to make this big and bold including many features.

After making this we are able to go onto and begin to create a website using the templates provided.

We chose this template as it caught our eye with the indie like theme to it especially the pink like colour which flows well with our digipack. Additionally it was a clear and easy website to manouver and work with as it had a clear navigation bar and a clear place to put the masthead giving us a goof place to start.

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Website Terminology

Moving onto our next project after creating the digipak and music video, we are now creating a website. A website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked web pages that share a single domain name. Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organisation to serve a variety or purpose.

Below I have analysed 2 website home pages whilst using the correct terminology and understand the technical conventions of a website.  I looked into male artists to see how they have set out their websites. This will help with my webpage as we want the main focus to be a male. I looked into how they have brought in their target audience, this was used by the conventions such as leader board as it is big and bold and is the main thing you see first on the page to give you an understanding. Another effective aspect to the website is a hero shot as people can notice who the person is before they read the page. Another important aspect is the navigation bar; this allows people to move around the page easily and look at more about the artist or band.

This was an effective task as it made me take note what was important to include in the webpage. Allowing me to know what needs to be include in the webpage to draw in the audience.

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Prelim Montage

Using the story board shown below i have drawn within each box how a shot will be shown. This is used to allow the shot to run more smoothly.
(insert story board )
Here I have filmed a montage of a typical school day.

Using the assessment criteria I have made sure I have followed the following 3 points:

  1.  Holding a steady shot – To ensure my shots were steady I used a tri-pod in every shot, this also enabled me to do different type of shots from different heights and angles.
  2. Framing a shot – making sure my model was the main focus and central of most shots. Also when she walk up and past on the left that she also enters the next shot from the left to keep the consistency their.
  3. Shooting a variety of different shot distances – trying to get different distances, using long shots to show the scene and surrounding area and close ups to show the emotion of the model.


  • Transitions flow effectively.
  • different uses of shots and heights
  • Steady framed shots


  • Speed up the shots and the transitions of cutting speeds- resulting in more shots being shown, for example could include lunch.
  • More close ups to show the emotion of the school day

This tasks has enabled me to learn more skills on premier pro, such as including sound on a shot ( school bell ) also i was able to zoom in to a particular shot to create more suspension ( zooming in to clock ). This will result in being bale to work on premier pro a lot quicker and add in more effective skills next time.

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Finalising the preliminary task and evaluation questions


Here is my product meeting agenda and a plan of which type of shots I would like to include.

Click on agenda to see full image.

Here I have used a new editing app called adobe premiere pro and I used a short script and created an video of different uses of camera angles.

  • In my video I have used different camera angles in my video such as a low angle medium close up, close-up, extreme close-up, medium shot and a medium long shot and a track. Finishing with an long shot when leaving the room.
  • I used these techniques to create a sense of the atmosphere and the scene and how the people emotions were expressed at these times. For example, I used a close up on point when Patrice was walking out of the room as it showed he felt dreadful that she felt the present wasn’t wanted. The track was used to follow the actor out of the door efficiently with little movement.
  • I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules, to improve my videoing skill techniques, such as the 180 degree rule where you do not cross over the line of action between two people or events interacting on the screen, allowing the conversation to flow smoothly and make more sense to a viewer. Also, shot reverse shot where I was able to get the reactions to the lines being said.
  • I used these rules to interact conversations and allow them to flow efficiently whilst being able to see the point of view/ reaction of the other person without words being said.
  • I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro including: marking in and marking out of a clip, use of a marker to add clips on to one another effectively.
  • I used these tools to enable my video to run smoothly, marking in and marking out meant there was no jumps between the clips adding on, use of the marker also meant I could move to the exact point to find where it was exact same movement in both clip so the clips joint onto one another.
  • If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently, I would record more clips so had plenty of angles to film at. And I would’ve done the track shot more than once.
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My copy of professional magazine front page

This is my mock-up where I have attempted to recreate the NME magazine front cover but using a new image.




  My Mock-Up


In creating  my Mock-Up using In-design and Photoshop I am really pleased with how I was able to use Photoshop to cut out the image of the women to easily place it into my magazine. I also enjoyed trying to get the correct/similar fonts and colours, this is the area which I found was particularly time consuming, as I wanted to make it as similar as possible to the original. Additionally I like how the women’s eyes are looking into the camera, so with my image I tried to find one where the women is looking into the camera too. I’m also pleased with how the image is the similar type of close up shot and how her face and shoulders take up the whole magazine page. Finally, I tried to make sure all the fonts and images were in the correct places as the original as possible.

On the other hand, there are some areas where i would’ve done differently if i did do it again, for example firstly this would include the image, even though i do love the image as she looks straight into the camera, if i did it again i wouldn’t of chosen one where she wore white or pale clothing as i struggled when it came to the texts as i wasn’t able to put it in the correctly accurate places because, the text on the original is white and it obviously didn’t stand out. A solution to this is that I placed a black border on the text so it was more see able.  As well as that, I did struggle to make the text of the word ‘Florence’ longer, which means in the future this would be an area i would like to improve in and spend a little more time on perfecting it.


Video 1

This video will help to place images inside texts. I would like to know how to do this because it will make my magazine cover unique and different to others and stand out.

Video 2

This video will help me to be able to move images around and shape them into and on top of other images, this will help make my magazine not just to become clock images but shaped and unique.

Video 3

The final video, is a tutorial on how to set a background, I placed this video as i know its a hard and challenging thing to do and this video will help me when i want to create my magazine next week.

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Lick & Stick – mock up

My recreation of the magazine cover


Original                                                                   Handwritten








The image on the left is the original image which I was trying to copy and label all main features points.

The image on the right is the image of which i created by trying my best to copy the image. The features which i identified were,Masthead, plug, main cover star, cover lines, bar-code, main cover line and the pull quote. The magazine has used key features to engage their target audience.

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Technical Camera Terms

Here is a contact sheet of photos which I have taken displaying different camera angles.

This activity has helped me develop my knowledge on camera angles, this has made other tasks easier to analyse and write up about as I can know terms such as, rule of thirds and can now identify terms like, medium close up, close ups and long shots this is some of the shots I have used in my photos. This has also made me realize how important an angle or shot can be to a audience as it is the difference between drawing in a persons attention or not.

When taking the photos we made sure the main part of the image is in the center as that is where your eyes first glance at, this was even when the main focus of the image was a long shot photo, we still made sure it was in the center.

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My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

For this task my group was allocated a genre to dress up as design are own version of the genre.


Here I created a moodboard with the genre in mind being punk, this helped to inspire the outfits to dress up in for the task ahead. As you can see the genre of punk usually consists of outfits such as, leather jackets, and black or dark coloured bottoms. As well as that they usually include the colours red, black, white and grey. Finally they all take pride with how they look, pose and their hair.

With loads of  trial and error attempts my team came up with this outfit, this included a leather jacket, colourful top (with the colour majority of red), we uses black trousers to represent the colour that they most commonly dress in, as well as that we included black boots as this also a commonly occurring aspect to their general outfit. Finally, we included a hat this was to represent how they treasure their hair styles and the way they look. We deliberately did not place the hat on the top of head so some of the hair showed through this showed the self respect the person gave for them self.  

Here are some adjectives which would best relate to the character:






After we had decided an outfit we did a mini photo shoot, from this i created a contact sheet of the photos taken. We took various photos at different angles and various distances apart this was to catch different types of lightning and it gave a different perspective to the viewer viewing the photos.

Click on to see in more detail.














Out of all the photos, this is the photo i have chosen. I chose this photo as it betrays the attitude of a punk artist as: serious, evil and vain. From the trial photo in the classroom we have included a black glove and sunglasses, this made the person seem like they love the limelight and wants to become center of attention.