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Flow Chart and Preffered Website Template

The template below shows a way of which we would like to design our webpage. Using flowchart we were able to lay it out in the way we believe will keep the audience engaged and interested.

We included important aspects such as hero shots and links which make a webpage flow much more effectively.

We made sure we included different pages which include different things. One of the more important pages is merchandise as this draws in the audience eye and makes it eye catching and engaging to them as they can feel a part of this. We plan to make this big and bold including many features.

After making this we are able to go onto and begin to create a website using the templates provided.

We chose this template as it caught our eye with the indie like theme to it especially the pink like colour which flows well with our digipack. Additionally it was a clear and easy website to manouver and work with as it had a clear navigation bar and a clear place to put the masthead giving us a goof place to start.

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Website Terminology

Moving onto our next project after creating the digipak and music video, we are now creating a website. A website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked web pages that share a single domain name. Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organisation to serve a variety or purpose.

Below I have analysed 2 website home pages whilst using the correct terminology and understand the technical conventions of a website.  I looked into male artists to see how they have set out their websites. This will help with my webpage as we want the main focus to be a male. I looked into how they have brought in their target audience, this was used by the conventions such as leader board as it is big and bold and is the main thing you see first on the page to give you an understanding. Another effective aspect to the website is a hero shot as people can notice who the person is before they read the page. Another important aspect is the navigation bar; this allows people to move around the page easily and look at more about the artist or band.

This was an effective task as it made me take note what was important to include in the webpage. Allowing me to know what needs to be include in the webpage to draw in the audience.