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So…Im a Media Consumer

My Media Consumption
Blumler and Katz talk about ‘The Uses and Gratification’ to further my understanding I have created a collage of media which I consume on a regular occasion. He propose that their were four people to actively seek out and consume media. This is done through:

  • Personal Identity
  • Information
  • Social Interaction
  • Entertainment

Looking into Blumler and Katz theory I realised Im also a producer as well as a consumer. I do this by posting stuff which I create on different social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and also by posting on the blog itself.

The media I consume such as Pretty little things is a way of ordering online but is also a form of Personal Identity as it creates an status and identity of the person consuming creating an individual style.

Different medias can fit into one element or they can fit into multiple such as, Doctor Foster this is entertainment and can fit into social interaction as I will go and talk to others with consume this media. Additionally BBC news/ sport is part of peoples Entertainment, Information/ Education as well as Social Interaction as you will talk to others about what the information is telling you.

Blumler and katz theory will allow me to create an interactive project. I will attempt for my Music magazine to include all four components, this will target the correct audience making it entertaining and engaging to a certain people related to the genre.

So….Hello Media Studies

Within the course I would like to expand my knowledge of media and gain more skills. Im looking forward to using these skills in other aspects of my education. I already have transferable skills which will become useful such as, English for analysing and essay writing as well as ICT allowing me to be able to manoeuvre around the sites. A skill which I am intrigued to learn is how to put together a well presented music magazine cover. From following a music theme, choosing fonts, doing photoshoots and making it more engaging for the audience perspective. Whilst having little prior knowledge of photoshop I would like to enhance this skill and gain a better understanding of how to create a well together project.