Batman Genre Analysis

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Superman movie review & film summary (1978) | Roger Ebert


The Achilles heel of a love interest.

Superhero costumes.

The big city setting such as new york.

Alter ego of batman and Bruce Wane.


Batman is immoral.

Love interest dies.

The villain isn’t interested in money or power.

Very dark lighting to fit with the dark themes.

Genre Poster



My poster shows conventional themes and points in spy movies. It shows the special gadgets the spies have. It also shows how there is always over the top supervillain. There is always a scene where the super spy is captured and then dramatically escapes. There is also always a grand plan he must stop.

Genre Analysis of Pan’s Labyrinth


. It follows the usual 3 tasks from fairytale movies.

. As in many movies, there is a large battle scene.

. The journey of young adolescence not wanting to grow up.


. There is no happy ending, unlike most fantasy movies.

. This movie also has dark parts and is very violent and keeps the movie exploring the Spanish civil war as well as exploring a fantasy story, this is different from classic fantasy movies as it uses the fantasy genre to show more mature stories as it plays between a fantasy movie and a war movie, of which is a very rare combination.

. Pan’s a lot darker than other fantasy movies and involves more violence.

Textual Analysis Mise-en-Scene

The captain’s feast scene shows truly the fascist’s greed with them all eating huge luscious meals whilst just before it shows that everyone else is getting one loaf of bread per household. When the captain’s wife tries to speak a nice dinner conversation, she is shut down as its “boring” and isn’t about war showing the fact she is belittled and that he only thirsts for war. He pushes her away showing how little he cares and she is placed prop of a wheelchair to show just how she is controlled and can be pushed around and controlled however he wants. The wheelchair also shows us that she is frail, defenseless, and small compared to the rest of the room of which are all healthy and can stand in honor. All of The guests are hypocrites and made out the be snobbish and vile, really trying to show the audience that these guys are evil and the captain showing dominance over then is the real villain of the story. This is shown by the way he is placed in proximity at the very top of the table with everyone else looking almost insignificant to him with him being the main point and framed in the center of the stage. he is the one who controls the conversation and everyone is talking directly to him which just shows his importance.

My Favourite Film

I enjoyed the film a lot as it was a fun experience which I couldn’t predict. the music made it fun to watch and I was always on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed the plot and the driving scenes truly were epic. the stunts they did were very impressive.

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