April 24

Pitch and Feedback

Targets and feedback we received:

We spoke about our idea and had lots of constructive criticism and ideas.

  • To start out with we reconsidered the genre the song fell under; we noticed it wasn’t fully punk rock and just had aspects of that genre, it also had some alternative and indie more modern vibes.
  • we were planning on our music video to be purely narrative with the character lip syncing whilst performing the narrative; however we came to a conclusion that it would be a good idea to switch it up a bit and add some performance in it intertwined with the narrative.
  • we discussed the person we would use for our video, and realized that having a person in our group as the performer could be tricky.
  • we went though our narrative ideas with the contrasting settings to represent the contrasting personalities.
  • Also we discussed use of mis en scene to represent that , like outfits; grungy black clothes and contrastingly white flowing dress.
  • We discussed dramatic dark makeup to fit into the punk rock/alternative genre.


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