April 26

Test shoot

We did a test shoot to practice using the camera; experimenting with angles and also to get used to editing on premiere pro and getting used to all the features and effects.

Things to focus on-

  • When doing the shoot we mainly focused on doing close ups which personally think worked well. However we could have done a few more long shots.
  • We tried using framing with our long shots using the trees; We used a low canted angle to give it an edgy vibe. The very lose up shots were good because it enabled us to really see the emotion and lip syncing clearer.
  • To start with on the shoot it took us a while to figure out how to change the DSLR to video mode which took up some time, however we have learnt how to do it now which means it’ll be easier for us to set it up and hopefully waste lest time.
  • And issue we had was that some of our shots were slightly out of focus; this needs to be sorted for next time as we want the best quality and focused shots. But we can always used blurred out of focus shots deliberately if it fits well with what look we are trying to achieve.
  • We did have quite a lot of footage to choose from which was good when it came to editing, however we could have tried some more outgoing and risky shots just to try it even if it didn’t work out perfectly we could have experimented more with maybe switch focus.
  • When we edited the footage it became clear that its best to keep the energy up by lots of dynamic changes with different angles and distances to create interest. Especially because our song is quite fast and has a big beat it needs to be dynamic.
  • I particularly think the slow motion hair flicks were successful and helped incorporate energy. We changed the speed on premiere pro to slow it down which worked quite well. However next time we should try to actually video in slow motion on the DSLR camera as the quality would be a lot better and have an overall better quality.



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