May 8

Genre Conventions Alalysis

We analysed our genre of alternative rock. We covered topics of narrative, mise en scene , conventional aspects of the songs, instruments and camera angles. We focused on the repertoire of elements that are necessary for our particular band “Pvris” to be generically conventional. We looked at what the target audience would expect from this genre so we can include predictable characteristics of this genre to induce the target audiences’ chance of experiencing “predictable pleasure”. This is where they are pleased by seeing familiar aspects and content of the musical genre, they are comfortable and receive the material well and therefore don’t reject it and will carry on enjoying and consuming our products and brand. there is a certain blueprint for genres that make up that genre, if we stick to the general blueprint of “alternative rock” as a foundation we can build up a good conventional brand of that genre.

Posted 8th May 2018 by jadequeripel1 in category Music Video

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