May 8

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

A professional from specsavers came nto our lesson to edcuacte us on the works of Premiere pro. We showed him our pitch and ideas and we ran him through our overall music video plan. He gave us some skills to use such as how to use certain effects from premier pro which were helpful. We came to conclusion that we needed to figure out certain scenes for the narrative and really figure out what could be interesting, visually and within the s

We also discussed the idea of mirrors and how we want to incorporate sort of optical illusions or mirror effects; so he went through how to split the screen and mirror the images. In this youtube tutorial it mentions some effects that would be useful to our video.

We were unsure on how to make the video purely black and white – he gave us the technical tip and showed us how to do it. Here is a you tube tutorial to show what he told us to do to achieve the black and white effect.

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