May 15

Shoot Reflection (performance)


This is me and Marguerite checking the focus and lighting of the camera before filming in this location. We adjusted the tri pod to see if it was the correct height. We wanted to see what the setting would look like on camera, we came to the conclusion that it was a good place to film some performance shots.







Evaluation of Performance shoot:

When we were on our shoot, we went to multiple locations; we focused on dark and grungy settings.

We shared the equipment to carry such as the camera, tripod, shot lists and sheets and the torch.

When filming shots we all checked that we were happy with how it looked through the camera; like if it was in focus or the right framing and good rule of thirds so there wasnt any unnecessary wasted space.

We bounced ideas off each other and when we walk past a place on the way to our second location that we thought would be suitable we took the opportunity to film there and get some extra shots.

We did work well as a team and our model was very co operative and listened well which we were thankful for.

The makeup was done just before the shoot.


We had to get a new battery half way through as our camera wasn’t charged up from the last person who used it; it took up a bit of our time so would be better if we made sure we had a spare fully charged battery.

Also our SD got full towards the end of our shoot so we had to take more time out to get a second one to keep recording our footage. We should bring a spare SD card or make sure it has enough space or has a high enough storage to last the whole shoot.

We didn’t get a lot of footage of all the lyrics of the song; we needed our performer to learn the lyrics better; should have given her more time.

The lipstick came off a bit and because we used a tester from a shop we couldn’t re apply. So maybe we can bring our own lipstick next time.



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