May 16

Performance rough cut

This is our performance rough cut; we briefly put together all of our shots from our performance shoot. We did not lip sinc or edit it properly as it was just a rough cut to showcase our footage.

  • We were happy with the footage we got as we feel like we had a variety of distances and angles, some shots in focus and some out of focus for effect.
  • We managed to find some good locations to film some performance shots with a grungy setting that keep inline with the mise en scene of our genre and overall style of the band.
  • The shoot went well as me and Marguerite gelled well and bounced creative ideas off each other.
  • We both carried an equal amount of equipment to make it manageable for us both, I held the tripod and camera whilst Marguerite carried the light, the batteries and spare charger.
  • We managed to create a good environment for filming as our model and performer was happy and relaxed. She took direction really well which helped a lot and made the shoot flow better and it was much easier.
  • We gained many valuable shots from this shoot that will be used in our music video.
  • Unfortunately Jen couldn’t join us on this shoot however she was happy with our shots and the outcome of it.
  • I think the shots for our performance are going to be edited into black and white to enhance the grungy settings and to make the blacks a lot darker and stand out with a higher contrast. especially the black lipstick, it should hopefully make it look more intense.

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