June 8

Shoot Evaluation (narrative)

  • Our first narrative shoot was at Pembroke beach. We all met at an arranged time with equipment and props. Between the three of us we did an equal amount of filming and we shared out the work load fairly. For example I brought the camera and tracking device and lenses to the shoot whilst Marguerite contributed to the makeup and mis en scene for the shoot. And Jen did some close up shots and
  • We had created a story board with individual post it notes with camera shots including angles and actions that we needed to include in our video. However we forgot to bring the storyboard with us so we had a loose idea of what shots we actually needed and didnt get enough to make narrative sense.
  • However we did experiment with some shots for example her running into seagulls and them flying away to symbolize freedom; we didn’t initially have that shot on our story board but did gain a good shoot with meaning behind it. We forgot to bring the scarf to get some flowing shots on the beach of the material to connote a whimsical and fairy tail like mise en scene.
  • Luckily on the day the weather was very good and we had a clear blue sky and sun which fitted the theme well and the mis en scene. the dress and makeup worked well. Overall we worked well  together in the group and all bounced off each other to produce some good creative ideas. We didn’t have any arguments and from the shoot we gathered some staple shots that are useful for our music video.
  • We did make a few mistakes with organisation by leaving the story board and the scarf at home which impacted what shots we could do. We could have taken a wider variety and more shots but we still had some good useful ones that were usable. We have pinpointed what we would change for next time but the first narrative shoot was fairly successful and we got footage to use which was the main thing. Also with the footage we did get we were able to work with it and adapt by making up for it in the editing department and it ended up working well with our other footage from our performance shoot.


  • We decided that after our narrative shoot when we looked at the contrast of our performance and narrative it was almost too different and overall the narrative didn’t flow. So we all agreed that we needed an extra shoot to fill in the gaps as a bridge to connect the story together. So we will take into account all of the things we could have done better in this narrative shoot and take the experience we had and apply our knowledge to the next shoot for our narrative


This is a picture of me filming a shot; I couldn’t get the correct angle so i had to hold the tripod like this, it is an unconventional way of filming but it worked and the shot was a steady shot.

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