June 19

Audience Ideologies

This is a dating profile of someone who would associate themselves with our music video genre which is alternative rock. These details that are included are based off generic ideologies of the fans. I did some research on you.gov to explore the demographic of the audience who enjoys our band music from “Pvris” and who enjoy alternative rock and I took the information from there to turn it into a dating profile with qualities and attributes that are conventional to fans of this style of music.Overall the demographic I chose to focus on was female on this dating profile, and she is edgy, anxsty.

It is important to understand our demographic and audience so we can alter our product so it is received well. Stuart Halls’ reception theory touches on how there is a certain dynamic that you can reach such as preferred, where everything the audience receives they enjoy and like because they value the ideas encoded in the text and they fit the genre conventionally. We want our music video to be in the preferred category so that is where audience profiling and understanding our audiences desires is important. Furthermore if we fail to understand our demographic we could slip into the category of “oppositional” where what we have produced is too unconventional to the genre and the ideas and encoded values don’t inline with the audiences values so they reject them.

This is the you.gov page that shows the deographic of our band Pvris.

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