June 19

Feedback from teacher


  • Likes the fast pace jump cut edits
  • likes the up close eye shots
  • She liked the walking jump cut where the performer walks towards the camera in an alley way
  • loves how when the lyrics say ‘spin’ she spins in the performance to translate the meaning of the lyrics.
  • Likes the outside shots
  • good juxtaposition of beach shots and performance
  • love the closeups of the eyes; wants us to include more of them, and give those shots more screen time.
  • likes closeup of lips with the hair blowing in the wind
  • include more movement shot
  • Likes the closeup at the end of her smiling at the ebach
  • good variety of footage
  • likes how the narrative is calmer contrasting to the hectic performance

 Improvements to make and constructive criticism:

  • sync the lips; before editing in the lip syncing show a the singers face to give audience context of who the singer is
  • one of the shots where she is performing and singing, she looks to the side at the people feeling, she needs to look directly at the camera to make a connection between her and the audience.
  • uncomfortable with the amount that the performer is connecting with the cameras ; need meaning behind it at least

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