June 19

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is our draft 2 of our music video.

  • Our strengths
  • Our editing is good; the jump cuts are very effective and go with the music and beat.
  • We have lots of small good snippets and use able edits to include in our official music video.
  • The pace of our draft 2 is good and upbeat which keeps it visually interesting
  • The setting of our shots is good and ties into our mise en scene
  • The contrasting characters are shown throughout the video which helps give context of our star character and narrative
  • Improvements
  • We do need to fill the gaps as we haven’t done our 3rd narrative shoot which is the shrine scene.
  • Its a good start that we can edit our extra footage in from our 3rd shoot so altogether it will make proper narrative sense because at the moment the story isn’t very clear.
  • We can definitely add more effects such as glitch effects.
  • We can edit the speed of each shot, either slower or faster.
  • We can play around with brightness, contrasts and colours.
  • We can add transitions to make sure that the flashbacks are clear.


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