June 19

Music Video draft 3

Whats changed:

We have included our shrine scene (second narrative shoot) in this draft. We have made a lot of changes for our video to make more narrative sense. We have done lots of fast pace jump cuts and included some glitch affects.

  • We took out the beach scene throughout the video but kept one last shot at the end. The beach scene wasn’t needed anymore as we decided to create a more bold theme and narrative which is her being torn apart by her lover who lets her down. She increasingly gets more distressed throughout; but its in twined with performance. Towards the end it does suggests she kills herself or is letting go of her frustrations of the boyfriend and becoming more free. and is letting go of the anxiety’s and worries she has been feeling about her life.


  • We took out some performance shots that weren’t up to scratch as they weren’t lip synced and the lyrics weren’t clearly sang, however we have left a few shots in where  the performer was looking away form the camera and interacting with people on set which we only kept in to fill the space so we shall find better footage to replace it.


The music video has come a lot further from our previous draft; we definitely needed the second narrative shoot to tie it together.I am pleased with our progress however there are still a few changes to make such as sort out one of the glitch effects on her face a it distorts it too much and looks comical.In general we need to clean up this draft in order to create a well rounded draft 4.

We sent our music video link from our youtube to our peers to evaluate and comment; These are their comments and targets.

Overall we have gathered a lot of useful and helpful feedback from our peers; they seemed to enjoy watching out video too which is positive and pleasing.


  • The mis en scene was successful and clearly represented as the viewers understood the overall theme and character.
  • The narrative was seemed to be received well and understood clearly.
  • The sequence at the start with the fast pace edits and jump cuts were effective and received well.


  • Make sure we take out the shot at 1.09 to 1.11 where our performer isn’t looking at the camera.
  • Try echo effect out on different shots to create interest and dynamic.
  • Cut down and snip a few shots to make it look cleaner.
  • Include more sequence shots like the start to create pace and interest.
  • Include extra shots of her striking matches;close ups needed.
  • lip syncing is sometimes out of sync so need to tighten up the edit.
  • stabilize the shots to make them less shaky.
  • include more pull focus shots.


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