June 19

New Storyboard PMA

This is our new storyboard, this includes shots for out second narrative shoot.

We decided that we needed another shoot for our narrative.This scene is a shrine scene which shows her obsessing and longing over her boyfriend who is never there for her, it shows her even darker edgier side and her going crazy, the ending is her being released from the stress and trauma she goes throughput everyday and it is suggested that she “lets go” and kills herself.The shots within this story board include her setting up the shrine, close ups of the candles, her lying in bed and her ruining her makeup and her in the mirror. These shots are important for out music video.

This is for our second narrative shoot we have planned together to tie together our whole overall story.

It is important to do a production meeting agenda because…

1. Production meetings are the best way to have the group address their concerns before shooting begins.

2. Production meetings allow for discussion and trouble shooting, when more than one mind works on an idea the higher the likelihood of the best resolution.

3. A quick production meeting before a shoot day begins is a great way to bring people up to speed on any recent developments or changes.


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