July 10

Music video draft 4

We have been constantly been changing and editing our music video to come to this point of our draft 4.

The main difference is that the performance is in black and white to add another dimension and contrast the narrative.

At the begining of our draft 3 there was a blank black screen fora few seconds at the start which we fixed and added footage so theres no black space.

We took out a shot of her looking in the mirror at the start where the mis en scene wasn’t right as it was in a public bathroom.

We took out the shot of her lighting the candle as it wasnt with a match and it was with an electric lighter which didnt fit the mis en scene properly.

We added different footage in the first chorus as it was more dynamic.


Peer feedback:

  • likes the past pace edit at the start.
  • She gathered that the character was distressed and crazed which was good.
  • She liked the imagery of the flame where it traveled through the frame.
  • She liked the bit of the performance where she spins round when the word spin is sang.
  • The editing of the girl coming towards camera through a series of 3 jump cutsĀ  she liked.
  • She liked the juxtaposition of the flashback beach scenes and the darker edgier shrine scenes.
  • Some shots were too shaky, however she understood that it fit with the genre but needs to be stabilized still.
  • needs to increase the brightness on 3.27 shot so can clearly see the lip syncing.
  • doesn’t like the bit where she shakes her head in the mirror at the chorus.


  • 1:53 shot of lips needs to be edited to black and white effect.
  • Shots need to be stabilized in premiere pro e.g ~(0.22) , (0.30) (0.41) (1.02/3) (1.11-13) (1.23)
  • The chorus where shes headbanging in the mirror needs to be replaced with different footage that is more dynamic and close ups, maybe including flashbacks.
  • One of the shots is too dark and needs to be brightened so we can see her singing the lyrics.
  • 2.41 there is a black space that needs to be filled


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