October 11

Feedback of mock up and targets

We went around asking our peers to vote on a poll. We had a selection of genres for them to chose from and a variety of descriptive words. We showed them our mock-up digi pak and asked them what genre they thought it was and what descriptive words fitted the look and style of our digi pak. We got positive results as our genre seemed to be clear and no one though it was a completely different genre from alternative rock, however some people thought it was heavy metal instead of alternative rock, so we took that into mind as our mock up maybe came off to harsh and dark form the alternative genre so we will keep that in mind when doing our final real digi pak. Furthermore the descriptive words that people chose were the ones that we connected with our genre, no one guessed joyful or girly which was positive feedback as our digi pak seemed to successfully portray our brand how we wanted to, as angst, edgy, sad and dark.

Targets top develop:

We could maybe make some themes a bit more subtle to lean away from heavy rock genre and more to the alternative, for example the dark angel statue may be a bit explicit.

Maybe we could mute certain colours so instead of prominent reds and blacks maybe m,ore muted burnt oranges.

It was evident that people understood our anxsty, dark theme and didn’t mistake it for other adjectives and genres such as joyful and pop which is promising.




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