October 11

Production skills evaluation 3

Whilst producing our product of the digi pak, I have learnt many different production skills.

Edit eye black with a gold dot – We selected a soft edged brush to fill in the eye to make it fully black, we swatched the colour of the original left eye which was already darkened to use that exact colour to match the right side appropriately. We had to select a very small brush size of 12 to get the precision we needed and put the hardness on a lower setting to make sure it blended in well with our overall image. We did this to add an demonic edge to attract the audience to her eyes.

Firstly we tried to use the original black colour preset in Photoshop however it didn’t look as realistic and looked too animated and dint fit in that is why we used the swatch tool, this was a learning curb in how much precision we had to use when editing to make sure our product looked as good as possible. Furthermore it was a delicate process of filling in the eye, we had to concentrate a lot on getting the correct shape; we learnt that the smaller the brush the more precise we could be when altering our image.

lasso tool -selected the gold dot from the left eye and make the black eye look more realistic and even with the lighting, once we selected it we copied and pasted it onto the right eye so it would match-we originally chose the simple crop tool however it wasn’t precise enough so we used the lasso tool and hand cut out the bit we needed.















We wanted to enhance the colour of her inner corner highlight that was a glittery gold colour so we went into select, colour range and the colour swatch came up onto the side and we could add more of that colour we wanted in.

We wanted to enhance the contrast of our image to create more depth; to do this we went onto adjustments, … brightness/contrast , and altered it from there. We also used other options from the “adjustments” section such as hue/saturation and vibrance also shadows/highlight, these were all useful to play about with the make sure our image had the correct depth and overall look.

We decided to create our own image of the cross by using photoshop to draw our own cross. We used the brush tools to achieve this. We achieved a grainy burnt out edgy to the cross by drawing over our origional cross with a different styled brush in the same colour, this gave another dimension and made the artwork less flat.


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