October 26

Web page draft 1

Here is the link to our website! We have been working on creating a website that captures the essence of our brand and advertises our merchandise efficiently.

Thumbnail of our website.


Teacher feedback:

This is our teacher feedback, I have listened to the feedback and gathered targets we need to improve on.

Targets for improvement:

  • Home page is good as it has lots of conventional features eg social media icons
  • Navigation between pages is simple
  • Website clearly links with the album
  • Get rid of the “out now” text
  • Likes the tour page
  • Music page needs editing – get rid of photos and make it simpler and so that it fits with the rest of the website
  • Likes how you can scroll through the different hoodie designs
  • Get rid of blank spaces and put social media links at the bottom
  • Make sure there is a consistent theme throughout



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