October 26

Website previous students work

This is a website form a previous student who has created their own layout and details, I have analysed it and used it to see what aspects they have concluded and hope successful my experience using the website was. The website has a black and white and red theme which compliment each other to create a cool, contemporary and edgy vibe. It is appealing as I like the fonts used, the curly writing gives it a personal, girly touch. As a whole their website is very well put together aesthetically and practically.


What is important about a website is the links to the music and social media, it was very accessible to find the link to the social medias and the spotify


The website was simple and easy to navigate around as it had buttons that described where it would take you e.g , tour. It was very interactive and the font was well positioned and easy to read, the layout was simplistic and inviting to look at.


The website had a bio that gave information about the star and who she was, it gave some context and background and was very useful.






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