September 14

Digi pak conventions analysis

The conventions of a digi pak.

A digi pak is a type of packaging for CD’s that containing images, information and content of the CD. They have a front cover,inside left and inside right cover, a back cover and a spine. The digi pak should promote their brand/ artist and portray the style and genre of that CD.

As a group we picked a Alternative rock digi pak to analyse. The band name is ” Alternative 4″ and the album name is “The Brink”. This cover caught our eye as it had the same vibe that we were going for and it interested us so we could be familiar with the aesthetic layout of alternative rock digi paks, as it would be helpful when we make our own. It gives us a better chance of understanding the genre and hopefully capturing the essence of the genre properly.

We have been able to identify the key elements featuring on the product that are used to draw the audiences attention to it. When analysing our digi pak we had to consider a range of things. For example the colour scheme, imagery, the font type and lettering and the language used.We have learnt the different features of a digi pak are; image, album/artist name, the star, colour scheme, spine, copyright information and barcode. All of those features we need to include in our own digi pak for it to be conventional.

We also have to take into account what is conventional within our genre. For example alternative rock, black and red are quite prominent colours used. A mysterious and edgy look is usually achieved to suit our target audience.



July 10

Music video draft 4

We have been constantly been changing and editing our music video to come to this point of our draft 4.

The main difference is that the performance is in black and white to add another dimension and contrast the narrative.

At the begining of our draft 3 there was a blank black screen fora few seconds at the start which we fixed and added footage so theres no black space.

We took out a shot of her looking in the mirror at the start where the mis en scene wasn’t right as it was in a public bathroom.

We took out the shot of her lighting the candle as it wasnt with a match and it was with an electric lighter which didnt fit the mis en scene properly.

We added different footage in the first chorus as it was more dynamic.


Peer feedback:

  • likes the past pace edit at the start.
  • She gathered that the character was distressed and crazed which was good.
  • She liked the imagery of the flame where it traveled through the frame.
  • She liked the bit of the performance where she spins round when the word spin is sang.
  • The editing of the girl coming towards camera through a series of 3 jump cuts  she liked.
  • She liked the juxtaposition of the flashback beach scenes and the darker edgier shrine scenes.
  • Some shots were too shaky, however she understood that it fit with the genre but needs to be stabilized still.
  • needs to increase the brightness on 3.27 shot so can clearly see the lip syncing.
  • doesn’t like the bit where she shakes her head in the mirror at the chorus.


  • 1:53 shot of lips needs to be edited to black and white effect.
  • Shots need to be stabilized in premiere pro e.g ~(0.22) , (0.30) (0.41) (1.02/3) (1.11-13) (1.23)
  • The chorus where shes headbanging in the mirror needs to be replaced with different footage that is more dynamic and close ups, maybe including flashbacks.
  • One of the shots is too dark and needs to be brightened so we can see her singing the lyrics.
  • 2.41 there is a black space that needs to be filled


June 19

Production Skills Evaluation 2

I have been using premiere pro throughout the process of creating our music video. Before our music video I had no experience with premiere pro however I have adjusted to the technology and been able to edit successfully, its an on the job learning process where you have to try out new things to end up with the product you’re happy with, We have played around with effects and have learnt a lot of skills.


We wanted to change our performance clips into black and white, we tried different black and white presets that were pre made however we wanted to alter the colours ourselves to make it the right black and white shade. We went into lumetri colours and changed decreased the shadows and increased the whites to create our black and white effect we were happy with.This effect helped us show the darker edgier side of the character, it goes with the alternative rock genre and fits well with the mise en scene. The black and white effect was needed to tie the music video together.

We used a transition preset to add a white subtle fade in to one of our shots at the end. This transition fade enabled us to connote a soft flashback which helps us tell our narrative and make it more clear that these shots were from the past, it also helps connect the two clips together as they are highly contrasting clips.


To create a fast pace jump cut we got the part of the clip we wanted and cut it with the razor blade tool. This tool allows us to connote a high energy and pace of our video, the quick jump cuts shot dis junction and chaos , it also goes with the heavy beat of the music.


We wanted to enhance the reds in this shrine scene to make it more luxurious and deep shades. So we went on lumetri colour and changed the balance of the colours. We decreased the shadows and blacks then increased the red. This red effect and darker tones enhances the vintage Gothic look we were trying to project throughout this scene to help our narrative become clear to the audience. Also it is more pleasing to the eye, it enhances the ours and textures and increases interest.


June 19

Music Video draft 3

Whats changed:

We have included our shrine scene (second narrative shoot) in this draft. We have made a lot of changes for our video to make more narrative sense. We have done lots of fast pace jump cuts and included some glitch affects.

  • We took out the beach scene throughout the video but kept one last shot at the end. The beach scene wasn’t needed anymore as we decided to create a more bold theme and narrative which is her being torn apart by her lover who lets her down. She increasingly gets more distressed throughout; but its in twined with performance. Towards the end it does suggests she kills herself or is letting go of her frustrations of the boyfriend and becoming more free. and is letting go of the anxiety’s and worries she has been feeling about her life.


  • We took out some performance shots that weren’t up to scratch as they weren’t lip synced and the lyrics weren’t clearly sang, however we have left a few shots in where  the performer was looking away form the camera and interacting with people on set which we only kept in to fill the space so we shall find better footage to replace it.


The music video has come a lot further from our previous draft; we definitely needed the second narrative shoot to tie it together.I am pleased with our progress however there are still a few changes to make such as sort out one of the glitch effects on her face a it distorts it too much and looks comical.In general we need to clean up this draft in order to create a well rounded draft 4.

We sent our music video link from our youtube to our peers to evaluate and comment; These are their comments and targets.

Overall we have gathered a lot of useful and helpful feedback from our peers; they seemed to enjoy watching out video too which is positive and pleasing.


  • The mis en scene was successful and clearly represented as the viewers understood the overall theme and character.
  • The narrative was seemed to be received well and understood clearly.
  • The sequence at the start with the fast pace edits and jump cuts were effective and received well.


  • Make sure we take out the shot at 1.09 to 1.11 where our performer isn’t looking at the camera.
  • Try echo effect out on different shots to create interest and dynamic.
  • Cut down and snip a few shots to make it look cleaner.
  • Include more sequence shots like the start to create pace and interest.
  • Include extra shots of her striking matches;close ups needed.
  • lip syncing is sometimes out of sync so need to tighten up the edit.
  • stabilize the shots to make them less shaky.
  • include more pull focus shots.


June 19

New Storyboard PMA

This is our new storyboard, this includes shots for out second narrative shoot.

We decided that we needed another shoot for our narrative.This scene is a shrine scene which shows her obsessing and longing over her boyfriend who is never there for her, it shows her even darker edgier side and her going crazy, the ending is her being released from the stress and trauma she goes throughput everyday and it is suggested that she “lets go” and kills herself.The shots within this story board include her setting up the shrine, close ups of the candles, her lying in bed and her ruining her makeup and her in the mirror. These shots are important for out music video.

This is for our second narrative shoot we have planned together to tie together our whole overall story.

It is important to do a production meeting agenda because…

1. Production meetings are the best way to have the group address their concerns before shooting begins.

2. Production meetings allow for discussion and trouble shooting, when more than one mind works on an idea the higher the likelihood of the best resolution.

3. A quick production meeting before a shoot day begins is a great way to bring people up to speed on any recent developments or changes.


June 19

Feedback from teacher


  • Likes the fast pace jump cut edits
  • likes the up close eye shots
  • She liked the walking jump cut where the performer walks towards the camera in an alley way
  • loves how when the lyrics say ‘spin’ she spins in the performance to translate the meaning of the lyrics.
  • Likes the outside shots
  • good juxtaposition of beach shots and performance
  • love the closeups of the eyes; wants us to include more of them, and give those shots more screen time.
  • likes closeup of lips with the hair blowing in the wind
  • include more movement shot
  • Likes the closeup at the end of her smiling at the ebach
  • good variety of footage
  • likes how the narrative is calmer contrasting to the hectic performance

 Improvements to make and constructive criticism:

  • sync the lips; before editing in the lip syncing show a the singers face to give audience context of who the singer is
  • one of the shots where she is performing and singing, she looks to the side at the people feeling, she needs to look directly at the camera to make a connection between her and the audience.
  • uncomfortable with the amount that the performer is connecting with the cameras ; need meaning behind it at least
June 19

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is our draft 2 of our music video.

  • Our strengths
  • Our editing is good; the jump cuts are very effective and go with the music and beat.
  • We have lots of small good snippets and use able edits to include in our official music video.
  • The pace of our draft 2 is good and upbeat which keeps it visually interesting
  • The setting of our shots is good and ties into our mise en scene
  • The contrasting characters are shown throughout the video which helps give context of our star character and narrative
  • Improvements
  • We do need to fill the gaps as we haven’t done our 3rd narrative shoot which is the shrine scene.
  • Its a good start that we can edit our extra footage in from our 3rd shoot so altogether it will make proper narrative sense because at the moment the story isn’t very clear.
  • We can definitely add more effects such as glitch effects.
  • We can edit the speed of each shot, either slower or faster.
  • We can play around with brightness, contrasts and colours.
  • We can add transitions to make sure that the flashbacks are clear.


June 19

Audience Ideologies

This is a dating profile of someone who would associate themselves with our music video genre which is alternative rock. These details that are included are based off generic ideologies of the fans. I did some research on to explore the demographic of the audience who enjoys our band music from “Pvris” and who enjoy alternative rock and I took the information from there to turn it into a dating profile with qualities and attributes that are conventional to fans of this style of music.Overall the demographic I chose to focus on was female on this dating profile, and she is edgy, anxsty.

It is important to understand our demographic and audience so we can alter our product so it is received well. Stuart Halls’ reception theory touches on how there is a certain dynamic that you can reach such as preferred, where everything the audience receives they enjoy and like because they value the ideas encoded in the text and they fit the genre conventionally. We want our music video to be in the preferred category so that is where audience profiling and understanding our audiences desires is important. Furthermore if we fail to understand our demographic we could slip into the category of “oppositional” where what we have produced is too unconventional to the genre and the ideas and encoded values don’t inline with the audiences values so they reject them.

This is the page that shows the deographic of our band Pvris.