May 8

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

A professional from specsavers came nto our lesson to edcuacte us on the works of Premiere pro. We showed him our pitch and ideas and we ran him through our overall music video plan. He gave us some skills to use such as how to use certain effects from premier pro which were helpful. We came to conclusion that we needed to figure out certain scenes for the narrative and really figure out what could be interesting, visually and within the s

We also discussed the idea of mirrors and how we want to incorporate sort of optical illusions or mirror effects; so he went through how to split the screen and mirror the images. In this youtube tutorial it mentions some effects that would be useful to our video.

We were unsure on how to make the video purely black and white – he gave us the technical tip and showed us how to do it. Here is a you tube tutorial to show what he told us to do to achieve the black and white effect.

May 8

Visual Shot List

This is our visual shot list. We analysed the songs Decode by Paramore, Numb by Lincon Park and Introduced Species by Hands Like Houses. They have given us ideas and inspiration for our music videos and when we will film.

This is our visual shot list. We analysed the songs Decode by Paramore, Numb by Lincon Park and Introduced Species by Hands Like Houses. They have given us ideas and inspiration for our music videos and when we will film.

This slideshow has some images that have different angles that we can maybe use, also the vibe we want to translate.


April 26

Test shoot

We did a test shoot to practice using the camera; experimenting with angles and also to get used to editing on premiere pro and getting used to all the features and effects.

Things to focus on-

  • When doing the shoot we mainly focused on doing close ups which personally think worked well. However we could have done a few more long shots.
  • We tried using framing with our long shots using the trees; We used a low canted angle to give it an edgy vibe. The very lose up shots were good because it enabled us to really see the emotion and lip syncing clearer.
  • To start with on the shoot it took us a while to figure out how to change the DSLR to video mode which took up some time, however we have learnt how to do it now which means it’ll be easier for us to set it up and hopefully waste lest time.
  • And issue we had was that some of our shots were slightly out of focus; this needs to be sorted for next time as we want the best quality and focused shots. But we can always used blurred out of focus shots deliberately if it fits well with what look we are trying to achieve.
  • We did have quite a lot of footage to choose from which was good when it came to editing, however we could have tried some more outgoing and risky shots just to try it even if it didn’t work out perfectly we could have experimented more with maybe switch focus.
  • When we edited the footage it became clear that its best to keep the energy up by lots of dynamic changes with different angles and distances to create interest. Especially because our song is quite fast and has a big beat it needs to be dynamic.
  • I particularly think the slow motion hair flicks were successful and helped incorporate energy. We changed the speed on premiere pro to slow it down which worked quite well. However next time we should try to actually video in slow motion on the DSLR camera as the quality would be a lot better and have an overall better quality.



April 24

Pitch and Feedback

Targets and feedback we received:

We spoke about our idea and had lots of constructive criticism and ideas.

  • To start out with we reconsidered the genre the song fell under; we noticed it wasn’t fully punk rock and just had aspects of that genre, it also had some alternative and indie more modern vibes.
  • we were planning on our music video to be purely narrative with the character lip syncing whilst performing the narrative; however we came to a conclusion that it would be a good idea to switch it up a bit and add some performance in it intertwined with the narrative.
  • we discussed the person we would use for our video, and realized that having a person in our group as the performer could be tricky.
  • we went though our narrative ideas with the contrasting settings to represent the contrasting personalities.
  • Also we discussed use of mis en scene to represent that , like outfits; grungy black clothes and contrastingly white flowing dress.
  • We discussed dramatic dark makeup to fit into the punk rock/alternative genre.


April 19

Final Song choice


We decided to chose this music video on as we liked the tempo of the sing as we think it’d be good for a music video i particularly liked the angry vibe it gave off; we can use lots of exciting camera angles to cater for the rhythm. Also The narrative was very simple and would be an easy idea to toy with an experiment. The style of music has a bold mis en scene which we can hopefully portray. We had lots of ideas for this music video that felt manageable and realistic; we all like the song and the overall idea and hopefully we can develop it even further in the process. The locations we decided on vary and we feel like we have access to them as we have good settings in Guernsey.

April 19

Song Short List and Moodboards

Each individual pitch

Summery of all the pitches and ideas

We all looked at eachothers pitches and ideas. We all had different ideas with quite different artistic interpretations and styles; we decided to go with the strongest genre of Rock which is very bold and will be easier to find a strong representation of the mise en scene. The music is upbeat and has a strong beat which will be good for editing. We all brainstormed ideas for all the ideas and we had the best vision for this one therefore we thought it was best to choose this.



April 19

Perfect production group


  •     It is important to think about working as a group ; things that may come up and how we will deal with them in case they occur in the future.
  •     It is also important to evaluate each-others skills and what we would excel at.
  •     We have all signed this and agreed we will stick to these guidelines and agree.
March 26

Evaluation of previous students work


higher level 4-

BEST MOMENT OF STEADY SHOT- 1:19 and 1:21 of the chicken mask and the flame; was a very steady shot which made it clean cut and look professional, the shot enhanced the drama of the shot as it was a dark, mysterious shot therefore it needed to be steady and clear to fully understand what is happening in the shot; it highlighted the flame well and went well with the tense and imposing context of the shot. Even though it was a brief moment it had a large impact that then contrasted with the energetic and  lively shots that followed after. It was a clever contrast that intensified the pace and energy of the music video to match the song.

The shots that were taken hand held or deliberately sporadic and fast paced were used correctly as it was a purpose and was used to connote the energetic,out of control animalistic vibe.They were still steady even though there were lots of moving shots so it kept the professional and clean cut look to it which made it a high quality video.

Framing a shot- lower level 4

BEST MOMENT -The establishing shot of the lead singer was well framed as he central in the shot and there was no wasted space. It highlighted his intense facial expression and eye contact   breaking 4th wall connection with the audience.  But overall all the shots were well framed as they created interest in the video; there was a lot of variety to keep it interesting.

Variety of Shot Distances- higher level 4

GOOD SHOT MOMENT – for example 0.17 seconds when walking in the dark with masks on and a bat; the long distance shot fitted well as it created interest when they came closer to the camera; it foreshadows an intimidating and powerful nature which fits with the songs vibe. There was a lot of variety of shots as there were mid shots, long shots and close ups. The use of contrast of long shots cutting to up close was very clever as it created an intense fast face which fitted the scene and the rhythm of the song.

Appropriate to task- lower level 4

Yes it looked like a professional music video, all the elements tied well together to make a well rounded video. It kept to task by clearly representing the genre and keeping a consistent theme. There was a great cohesion between the actors; they all stayed in character which shows that there was good direction. The filter used gave an ancient vibe.

Mise-en-scene Selection- higher level 4

The mise-en-scene was well executed; the location of the shoot fitted in really well; the cave was perfect for an ancient and caveman vibe. The costumes were well matched as they were very basic and simplistic, having their shirts off really tied in well with the century they were basing it on and made it more realistic as the lack of material man made items that were involved when they were banging on the drums were good; the handmade jewelry and ragged shorts matched well.  The setting of the natural landscape and barefoot worked well and was good mis- en- scene. This contrasted well to the more modern scenes; however it was still simple and basic black clothes.

Editing for meaning- upper level 4

The editing matched well with the music; the effects put on the scenes where they were banging on the drums and outside made it look very warm toned and sunny. Also the pace of the edits gave the video a dynamic that matched the beat well.

Shot Transitions- lower level 4





March 23

Detailed Music Video analysis

 By analyzing these two music videos in detail it has made me consider all of the minor details and concepts; it has given me ideas and also made me recognize the importance of illustrating the meaning of the lyrics in creative way. Also keeping the audience intrigued but keeping to the needs of the target audience is also key as both of those music videos stuck to the ‘pop’ genre well. I can take away many things from analysising these music videos is that you can always add extra things in the catch theaudeiences eye and portray a certain meaning. Also abstract concepts can be portrayed through the music video using certain angles, mis en scene and setting.