June 8

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Production Skills that we have gained from our shoot

Jump cuts were a prominent skill that we have learnt as we have included many in our video., we used the razor tool to crop our shots and have small clips to create a jump cut. This was very important to create a speed and pace in our music video.

We used a reduced speed effect to slow down one of our shots to give a whimsical flashback and nostalgic vibe.



  • I have learnt a lot of skills during this process of filming and going on shoots for our media music video.
  • I have learnt that we need to be fully organised as we have forgot a few things before for example on our 1st narrative shoot (our storyboard and scarf).
  •  I have also learnt that it is important to be punctual and on time so we have maximum time for our shoot so we can be efficient as possible.
  • I’ve learnt it is important to concentrate on the task you are doing so you get the correct footage for your overall product.
  • It is easy to get distracted by things and people around you however you need to stay on task and get the job done.
  • I have experienced working in a team, it has helped with leadership skills and how to play to each others strengths and work well together avoiding conflict but enhancing each others creative suggestions and ideas.
June 8

Shoot Evaluation (narrative)

  • Our first narrative shoot was at Pembroke beach. We all met at an arranged time with equipment and props. Between the three of us we did an equal amount of filming and we shared out the work load fairly. For example I brought the camera and tracking device and lenses to the shoot whilst Marguerite contributed to the makeup and mis en scene for the shoot. And Jen did some close up shots and
  • We had created a story board with individual post it notes with camera shots including angles and actions that we needed to include in our video. However we forgot to bring the storyboard with us so we had a loose idea of what shots we actually needed and didnt get enough to make narrative sense.
  • However we did experiment with some shots for example her running into seagulls and them flying away to symbolize freedom; we didn’t initially have that shot on our story board but did gain a good shoot with meaning behind it. We forgot to bring the scarf to get some flowing shots on the beach of the material to connote a whimsical and fairy tail like mise en scene.
  • Luckily on the day the weather was very good and we had a clear blue sky and sun which fitted the theme well and the mis en scene. the dress and makeup worked well. Overall we worked well  together in the group and all bounced off each other to produce some good creative ideas. We didn’t have any arguments and from the shoot we gathered some staple shots that are useful for our music video.
  • We did make a few mistakes with organisation by leaving the story board and the scarf at home which impacted what shots we could do. We could have taken a wider variety and more shots but we still had some good useful ones that were usable. We have pinpointed what we would change for next time but the first narrative shoot was fairly successful and we got footage to use which was the main thing. Also with the footage we did get we were able to work with it and adapt by making up for it in the editing department and it ended up working well with our other footage from our performance shoot.


  • We decided that after our narrative shoot when we looked at the contrast of our performance and narrative it was almost too different and overall the narrative didn’t flow. So we all agreed that we needed an extra shoot to fill in the gaps as a bridge to connect the story together. So we will take into account all of the things we could have done better in this narrative shoot and take the experience we had and apply our knowledge to the next shoot for our narrative


This is a picture of me filming a shot; I couldn’t get the correct angle so i had to hold the tripod like this, it is an unconventional way of filming but it worked and the shot was a steady shot.

June 8

Star Image Planning

 This slide sums up the meta-narrative of our star. The institutional purpose of our music video is to promote our band to increase sales and popularity. Our star image is constructed to give our target audience an inspiration of style and attitudes that they desire. The target audience aspire to be like them and develop an attachment to the star image through media promotion and details of the star/band. The fans feel a connection to them and find comparisons and similarities to relate themselves to the star. This means that it is important to portray your stars in the correct way that will attract the target audience and intrigue them, and encourage them to follow the brand and buy products. Them buying products of the brand attached to the star image also means that they accept and desire the stars image and values.
May 21

Narrative storyboard

  • This is our story board that shows the range of shots we are hopefully going to achieve in our narrative performance shoot.
  • We have drawn some pictures to represent the shots we are trying to capture.
  • It is important to plan out the narrative to make sure it is thorough enough and makes narrative sense altogether.
  • We put coloured dots in the corner of each sticky notes , red to indicate the most important shots that are essential to get done properly in order to have a successful shoot and orange to less important and green for can get those shots done another time if needed and would just be a good extra.
  • It was useful using sticky notes as we could move them around on the sheet and change the order easily.
  • We wrote additional notes to each sticky note to describe the type of shot and angles we were going to do.

Overall  we have a range of ideas; mainly highlighting the contrasting characters to help portray our narrative and star image clearly.

May 18

Narrative Development


This is our initial narrative development plan. We included some details about the character. We included key information about the themes of the narrative such as trauma and sadness which conflict with happiness and freedom. this format allowed us to portray the basic structure of our narrative and gave us a good guideline and ideas to keep inline with for our music video.

May 16

Performance rough cut

This is our performance rough cut; we briefly put together all of our shots from our performance shoot. We did not lip sinc or edit it properly as it was just a rough cut to showcase our footage.

  • We were happy with the footage we got as we feel like we had a variety of distances and angles, some shots in focus and some out of focus for effect.
  • We managed to find some good locations to film some performance shots with a grungy setting that keep inline with the mise en scene of our genre and overall style of the band.
  • The shoot went well as me and Marguerite gelled well and bounced creative ideas off each other.
  • We both carried an equal amount of equipment to make it manageable for us both, I held the tripod and camera whilst Marguerite carried the light, the batteries and spare charger.
  • We managed to create a good environment for filming as our model and performer was happy and relaxed. She took direction really well which helped a lot and made the shoot flow better and it was much easier.
  • We gained many valuable shots from this shoot that will be used in our music video.
  • Unfortunately Jen couldn’t join us on this shoot however she was happy with our shots and the outcome of it.
  • I think the shots for our performance are going to be edited into black and white to enhance the grungy settings and to make the blacks a lot darker and stand out with a higher contrast. especially the black lipstick, it should hopefully make it look more intense.
May 15

Shoot Reflection (performance)


This is me and Marguerite checking the focus and lighting of the camera before filming in this location. We adjusted the tri pod to see if it was the correct height. We wanted to see what the setting would look like on camera, we came to the conclusion that it was a good place to film some performance shots.







Evaluation of Performance shoot:

When we were on our shoot, we went to multiple locations; we focused on dark and grungy settings.

We shared the equipment to carry such as the camera, tripod, shot lists and sheets and the torch.

When filming shots we all checked that we were happy with how it looked through the camera; like if it was in focus or the right framing and good rule of thirds so there wasnt any unnecessary wasted space.

We bounced ideas off each other and when we walk past a place on the way to our second location that we thought would be suitable we took the opportunity to film there and get some extra shots.

We did work well as a team and our model was very co operative and listened well which we were thankful for.

The makeup was done just before the shoot.


We had to get a new battery half way through as our camera wasn’t charged up from the last person who used it; it took up a bit of our time so would be better if we made sure we had a spare fully charged battery.

Also our SD got full towards the end of our shoot so we had to take more time out to get a second one to keep recording our footage. We should bring a spare SD card or make sure it has enough space or has a high enough storage to last the whole shoot.

We didn’t get a lot of footage of all the lyrics of the song; we needed our performer to learn the lyrics better; should have given her more time.

The lipstick came off a bit and because we used a tester from a shop we couldn’t re apply. So maybe we can bring our own lipstick next time.



May 10

Risk Assessment

This is my risk assessment for the shoot on Friday the 11th May 2018. It is important to consider risks and get organised! I have discussed hazards with my teacher; she looked over my risk assessment and signed it off. Having everyone signing the risk assessment shows they have all read and understood it and makes sure they stick to it.