January 25


This advert fits in with the outgoing, cool vibe of my magazine.Example is the type of outgoing artist that I’d like to be associated with my brand.

Converse advert


I have chosen this Advert to be on my magazine because this brand is very popular with my target audience. Also the advert is very fun and different, the colours are cool.I did some research on yougov.com about my target audience; they have a reasonable amount of disposable income so therefore will be able to afford the brand. Their interests are in Tyler the creator and this is a collab with Tyler therefore they’d be interested in purchasing this product.


January 25

Teacher feedback and final targets

This is my teachers feedback. I need to tweak the text size and font in the article on the double page spread. Use the funky font from contents on caption, weird font on second column on double page spread. Line spacing of the cover lines need to be tweaked. Need to use apostrophes, Need to add page numbers.


January 25

Feedback on article

These were the comments and feedback I had on my first draft of my article, everything highlighted in yellow were the tweaks that I included after reading the extra comments around the side and at the bottom of my work. They were very helpful.

I got a peer to read out my article and give me some feedback on it; similar comments were made before but was good to know what was wrong and needed changing.


My overall targets included some re-wording of sentences, re ordering to make more sense and also adding a few more details about where the interview took place and some extra descriptive words. Feedback is extremely important as others may highlight things that you personally were unaware of that needed changing, it is good to have a fresh pair of eyes to put their perspective ion things

January 16

Draft 4 feedback and targets

I have listened to my feedback

the main points of my feedback are:

  • to incorporate the colour blue to tie it in with the contents and double page spread.
  • include the price on the front page and alter the position of the bar code
  • inserts might cause confusion
  • fit text in plug better and maybe angle it to create interest
  • adjust pictures on contents page , link in page numbers with pictures
  • text in plug needs to be adjusted
  • captions on pictures
  • blank at the bottom maybe add something new and
  • make sure text are inline and consistent
  • add page numbers on double page spread
  • size of 3 photos
  • like boarders
  • make columns correct sizes
  • insert who the photography is by



January 11

Article Idea Development.

This is my Article development template; I have filled it in with a lots of ideas and has my brainstorm ideas in it. They are very broad comments and will need to edit it further into the style of an article. This is helpful as I have a starting point that I can further develop.

January 10

Language Analysis

   The article I’m analysing is this album reviews.

The one on the right is called “pageant material by Rob Tannenbraum (as his name is written at the bottom of the article). It was published on the 16/6/2015.The article features in Billboard magazine;Billboard is an American entertainment media brand owned by the Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group, a division of Eldridge Industries. It publishes pieces involving news, video, opinion, reviews, events, and style. This touches on the content of her album and speaks about her particular songs and meanings.

The writer showcases the artists rebellious side and unconventional as she wanted to “push buttons” using this idiom expresses her cheekiness. The descriptive word  “mellow” paints her music as very relaxing and pleasant. “first dishonest step”- shows her rebellious nature.

Overall; the article is about a country girl who tries to defy conventions but still staying humble throughout it all she is very young an has plenty of Chartism.

December 15

draft 3- double page spread

Final draft- double page spread

feedback and reflection for draft 3

Things to change:

  • Write who the quote in the headline is by.
  • Who wrote the article.
  • The collums need to be closer together and wider; need paragraphs and quotes inserted.
  • The page is quite flat so need more pops of colour and inserts to interest the reader also add drop shadows and
  • Change the small photo on the left as other pictures will work better, also incorporate more photos.
  • The insets and pictures need captions.
  • Insert a headline and a standfirst.
  • The left hand side looks a bit plain, incorporate the quote around the photo.


  • Good colours and like the main photo on the left.
  • Good quote.
  • The photography is good as it captures the look of the whole magazine; very cool and skater vibes.
  • Like the gradient fade in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Good use of drop shadow with the quote.

Draft 3-the double page spread