October 11

Evaluation of shoot

Our shoot went well. We followed our production meeting agenda which helped keep structure throughout the shoot. We had a lot of creative ideas, once we found the burnt orange light we got Hollie to do lots of positions and got close up shots of her for our front cover. We played around with the lighting, we used reflector sheets of gold to give extra light and gold sheen.

We gelled well together as a group and helped each other and gave each other tips and feedback.

October 11

Feedback of mock up and targets

We went around asking our peers to vote on a poll. We had a selection of genres for them to chose from and a variety of descriptive words. We showed them our mock-up digi pak and asked them what genre they thought it was and what descriptive words fitted the look and style of our digi pak. We got positive results as our genre seemed to be clear and no one though it was a completely different genre from alternative rock, however some people thought it was heavy metal instead of alternative rock, so we took that into mind as our mock up maybe came off to harsh and dark form the alternative genre so we will keep that in mind when doing our final real digi pak. Furthermore the descriptive words that people chose were the ones that we connected with our genre, no one guessed joyful or girly which was positive feedback as our digi pak seemed to successfully portray our brand how we wanted to, as angst, edgy, sad and dark.

October 11

Contact sheet

These are the range of our photos that we took on our first shoot. The aim of this shoot was to get good images that we can edit and use for our digi pak. We need a front and back cover and an inner left and right.

  • Successful and usable images:
  • Image 0343 is a good shot as the model has direct eye contact with the camera; the makeup is clear in the photos and the messy hair works well.
  • The first 8 photos all had aspects we liked about them however we decided that the lighting was too bright and not dark and edgy enough; we know that we could alter there images in photoshop and add effects but we just preferred the lighting of other images so decided not to use these for our digi pak photos, even though they were good enough.
  • From image 0358 to 0368, we all loved the burnt orange lighting with intense shows, we believed that it fitted well with are alternative grungey genre. The gold stands out in the images which contrasts with the dark black shadows.
  • We also liked images 0403, we used a very low shutter speed to capture a lot of light and movement, the outcome was a ghostly vibe which we liked as it fitted well with the themes of some of our songs however we didn’t think they were grungey enough and needed a bit of a darker lighting as it didn’t fit out genre as much as we would like.
  • The photos of the smashed mirror were good because they were upclose and included alot of the sharp edges and detail, the texture will be good to include in our digi pak to keep interest and depth to our digi pak.
  • image 0432 captures the rich red velvet material which fits with our vintage theme.

Bad shots:

  • These shots are unusable for a number of reasons due to the wrong expression, wrong positioning and lighting.