June 19

Production Skills Evaluation 2

I have been using premiere pro throughout the process of creating our music video. Before our music video I had no experience with premiere pro however I have adjusted to the technology and been able to edit successfully, its an on the job learning process where you have to try out new things to end up with the product you’re happy with, We have played around with effects and have learnt a lot of skills.


We wanted to change our performance clips into black and white, we tried different black and white presets that were pre made however we wanted to alter the colours ourselves to make it the right black and white shade. We went into lumetri colours and changed decreased the shadows and increased the whites to create our black and white effect we were happy with.This effect helped us show the darker edgier side of the character, it goes with the alternative rock genre and fits well with the mise en scene. The black and white effect was needed to tie the music video together.

We used a transition preset to add a white subtle fade in to one of our shots at the end. This transition fade enabled us to connote a soft flashback which helps us tell our narrative and make it more clear that these shots were from the past, it also helps connect the two clips together as they are highly contrasting clips.


To create a fast pace jump cut we got the part of the clip we wanted and cut it with the razor blade tool. This tool allows us to connote a high energy and pace of our video, the quick jump cuts shot dis junction and chaos , it also goes with the heavy beat of the music.


We wanted to enhance the reds in this shrine scene to make it more luxurious and deep shades. So we went on lumetri colour and changed the balance of the colours. We decreased the shadows and blacks then increased the red. This red effect and darker tones enhances the vintage Gothic look we were trying to project throughout this scene to help our narrative become clear to the audience. Also it is more pleasing to the eye, it enhances the ours and textures and increases interest.


June 8

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Production Skills that we have gained from our shoot

Jump cuts were a prominent skill that we have learnt as we have included many in our video., we used the razor tool to crop our shots and have small clips to create a jump cut. This was very important to create a speed and pace in our music video.

We used a reduced speed effect to slow down one of our shots to give a whimsical flashback and nostalgic vibe.



  • I have learnt a lot of skills during this process of filming and going on shoots for our media music video.
  • I have learnt that we need to be fully organised as we have forgot a few things before for example on our 1st narrative shoot (our storyboard and scarf).
  •  I have also learnt that it is important to be punctual and on time so we have maximum time for our shoot so we can be efficient as possible.
  • I’ve learnt it is important to concentrate on the task you are doing so you get the correct footage for your overall product.
  • It is easy to get distracted by things and people around you however you need to stay on task and get the job done.
  • I have experienced working in a team, it has helped with leadership skills and how to play to each others strengths and work well together avoiding conflict but enhancing each others creative suggestions and ideas.