September 14

Digi pak conventions analysis

The conventions of a digi pak.

A digi pak is a type of packaging for CD’s that containing images, information and content of the CD. They have a front cover,inside left and inside right cover, a back cover and a spine. The digi pak should promote their brand/ artist and portray the style and genre of that CD.

As a group we picked a Alternative rock digi pak to analyse. The band name is ” Alternative 4″ and the album name is “The Brink”. This cover caught our eye as it had the same vibe that we were going for and it interested us so we could be familiar with the aesthetic layout of alternative rock digi paks, as it would be helpful when we make our own. It gives us a better chance of understanding the genre and hopefully capturing the essence of the genre properly.

We have been able to identify the key elements featuring on the product that are used to draw the audiences attention to it. When analysing our digi pak we had to consider a range of things. For example the colour scheme, imagery, the font type and lettering and the language used.We have learnt the different features of a digi pak are; image, album/artist name, the star, colour scheme, spine, copyright information and barcode. All of those features we need to include in our own digi pak for it to be conventional.

We also have to take into account what is conventional within our genre. For example alternative rock, black and red are quite prominent colours used. A mysterious and edgy look is usually achieved to suit our target audience.