October 11

Evaluation of shoot

Our shoot went well. We followed our production meeting agenda which helped keep structure throughout the shoot. We had a lot of creative ideas, once we found the burnt orange light we got Hollie to do lots of positions and got close up shots of her for our front cover. We played around with the lighting, we used reflector sheets of gold to give extra light and gold sheen.

We gelled well together as a group and helped each other and gave each other tips and feedback.

October 11

Contact sheet

These are the range of our photos that we took on our first shoot. The aim of this shoot was to get good images that we can edit and use for our digi pak. We need a front and back cover and an inner left and right.

  • Successful and usable images:
  • Image 0343 is a good shot as the model has direct eye contact with the camera; the makeup is clear in the photos and the messy hair works well.
  • The first 8 photos all had aspects we liked about them however we decided that the lighting was too bright and not dark and edgy enough; we know that we could alter there images in photoshop and add effects but we just preferred the lighting of other images so decided not to use these for our digi pak photos, even though they were good enough.
  • From image 0358 to 0368, we all loved the burnt orange lighting with intense shows, we believed that it fitted well with are alternative grungey genre. The gold stands out in the images which contrasts with the dark black shadows.
  • We also liked images 0403, we used a very low shutter speed to capture a lot of light and movement, the outcome was a ghostly vibe which we liked as it fitted well with the themes of some of our songs however we didn’t think they were grungey enough and needed a bit of a darker lighting as it didn’t fit out genre as much as we would like.
  • The photos of the smashed mirror were good because they were upclose and included alot of the sharp edges and detail, the texture will be good to include in our digi pak to keep interest and depth to our digi pak.
  • image 0432 captures the rich red velvet material which fits with our vintage theme.

Bad shots:

  • These shots are unusable for a number of reasons due to the wrong expression, wrong positioning and lighting.


October 3

Photoshoot / design Production meeting agenda and risk assessment

It is important to create a production meeting agenda as it has vital information we need for the shoot. It helps us get organised and gives us direction in the shoot. It helps us not to forget vital props and accessories so we can utalise our time efficiently and get our shoot done quickly and precisely.

Risk assessments are essential in maintaining a risk free environment where everyone is as cautious and as safe as possible. You need to think about the possible risks before your shoot to avoid any accidents happening.

September 27

Digi Pak Mock-up


Above is the PDF of our digi pak cover ^


This is our digi pak mock up front cover. We have selected an image we found off pinterest that we think fits our genre and is a good front cover picture. We particularly were attracted to the colours and the “carved out eyes, it gives a cynical touch to a pretty girl; it portrays the self destructive themes in our songs as her” body”(eyes) have been disfigured and dis faced to some extent.

We liked the orangey/red warm toned colours as a softer substitute to red as red was too harsh.


The inner left image of an angel on its knees.


September 20

Digi pak moodboards


This is our moodboard to represent the themes and ideas we want to represent in our digi pak. This is a collage that incorporates denotations and cultural codes. Cultural codes such as the colour scheme being black white and red, those colours are usually associated with darker themes such as lost love and has gothic/ angsty connotations connected with those colours. The key colour scheme throughout is red, black and white, we also have pops of golds in there too; the colours are very rich and compliment eachother, the colours fit our genre of alternative rock well.


The cross of imagery and pictures of stain glass windows foreshadow a Gothic/church theme. We have different textures to make the moodboard stand out more such as textured feathers, materials, berry’s and fringed images.Our mood board incorporates vintage looking imagery such as dark roses and patterned materials, but it also has a classic clean designs of contemporary red lips and an eye drawing with a tear. There are love hearts to represent the themes of love that ususally is a topic in alternative rock.


The “forevermore” brand name is written in gothic looking text which ties into the theme. Before we did our moodboard we created a pinterest page that had colour schemes, images and related pictures and imagery that helped us think up and visualize our hands on moodboard.It is important to create a moldboard that embodies the brand and vibe of what you want your brands digi pak to look like as it gives inspiration and sparks off other creative ideas.


September 18

Digi pak – Previous students work

When analysing this students work I had lots of positives and personal things that I liked a lot and attracted m,e to this digi pak.

  • The front cover has a good quality photo of the two stars featured in the band “Unshun”. The photo is framed very well as it is central, it catches the readers eye. Personally at the first glance I didn’t realise the two faces were merged, it made me look twice which is a positive as it attracted my attention, when looking at it further I was very impressed by the smooth fade into the two halfs of the faces. I think it was a very clever and creative idea which fitted into the alternative look of the whole digi pak.


  • The back cover also has  great photography; it has a variety of shots because this shot is side profile which switches it up from the front facing photo on the front cover.The second star who is turned and looking straight ahead really catches the eye as it is an interaction for the audience to engage with. The photographs are manipulated very well , the edit of the eyes is very creative yet simple, it gives another dimension to the cover.


  • The consistent pattern of the black and white ties together the whole digipak well. It is simplistic yet eyecatching, it almost looks like illusion artwork.


  • The manipulation of the photos are very good, the black and white colourscheme is a good choice as its simplistic and fits the genre. I really like the range of artwork; the editing of the photos taking out the eyes and drawing extra bits on for extra detail and the hand drawn picture of the girl and also the pattern and design. There is a wide range of artwork and it is interesting to the audience.


  • The typface is easy to read and unadorned which is a classic and simple style to again tie in with the genre well. The positioning of the text is also well done. The inner left page of the digi pak has well balanced out text and doesn’t overcrowed the page and they have utilised their space well as the text is small.




September 14

Digi pak – genre conventions analysis

The conventions of a digi pak.

A digi pak is a type of packaging for CD’s that containing images, information and content of the CD. They have a front cover,inside left and inside right cover, a back cover and a spine. The digi pak should promote their brand/ artist and portray the style and genre of that CD.

As a group we picked a Alternative rock digi pak to analyse. The band name is ” Alternative 4″ and the album name is “The Brink”. This cover caught our eye as it had the same vibe that we were going for and it interested us so we could be familiar with the aesthetic layout of alternative rock digi paks, as it would be helpful when we make our own. It gives us a better chance of understanding the genre and hopefully capturing the essence of the genre properly.

The digi pak front cover we chose has a distinctive eye on the front; this can have a connotation connected with the illuminati and the watchful eye.

We have been able to identify the key elements featuring on the product that are used to draw the audiences attention to it. When analysing our digi pak we had to consider a range of things. For example the colour scheme, imagery, the font type and lettering and the language used.We have learnt the different features of a digi pak are; image, album/artist name, the star, colour scheme, spine, copyright information and barcode. All of those features we need to include in our own digi pak for it to be conventional.

We also have to take into account what is conventional within our genre. For example alternative rock, black and red are quite prominent colours used. A mysterious and edgy look is usually achieved to suit our target audience.

Black and red colours convey a gothic, dark and cynical vibe and are usually connotation of horror films and vampires and also rock.

Simplistic but sharp typeface fits well with the genre  some simplistic typeface fits well aesthetically.