March 16

Prelim Montage

  • Embed the video
  • Embed and link the storyboard as a pdf (scanned from Photocopier)

In this task we needed to make a montage of someones day throughout school. The purpose of a montage was to incorporate all of the main points of events in a condensed amount of time. It had to make narrative sense and be clear to understand and follow to the audience.We had to film all of the scenes and actions, then merge them together to make a montage with Premiere pro and use our editing skills to tie it altogether and make a short montage.We had to make sure that the shots were stable and steady; so we used a tripod to make sure our shots weren’t wobbly. We had to take into consideration the angle of shots; also the framing had to be useful with telling the story. We had to incorporate alot of different shots, long shots mid shots close ups and eyeline shots. Also we had to highlight the repetitive nature of the school day

maybe could have had a shot of the outside of the school and the sign displaying ‘ Guernsey grammar school’ to properly set the scene.
Could have incorporated more people to make the montage more realistic.

I used a variety of shots.
The pace of my montage was good as it kept interest.
It showed various actions and events of the school day and the continuity was good and made sense.

March 12

Preliminary task and evaluation questions

  1. I have used the following camera techniques:

Shot reverse shot

match on action

close up

mid shot

low angle

reaction shots


  • I used these techniques to create a sense of pace and emotion (shot reverse shot) also (match on action) clearly displays the action that is being done to inform the reader and give a real sense of whats happening.  Reaction shots enable the viewers to feel and witness the other persons reactions and emotions giving more context of the relationship between the people.
  • I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules, make sure that the view points are clear so it doesn’t confuse the viewer for example the 180 rule.
  • I used these rules to have a clear video that makes sense and flows correctly.
  • I have learnt to use the following techniques in Premiere Pro. I used certain tools to edit my footage and overall create a smooth dynamic video.I used the razor tool to cut footage and move it around or delete it. I also used the bracket tool to select the parts of the footage i needed it accurately cropped it so it only included certain lines I needed.
  • If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently, I’d possibly cut to each person after almost every line to create more dynamics. I would also take extra footage of close ups and mid shots to make sure I had a variety of footage to choose from.