January 30

so how did it go?

I have picked up many useful skills throughout the process of creating my magazine. There were many things that I had no past experience with but during this media course I have had to learn how to use certain programs and online websites. I have had to work with lots of different types of media such as presentations (prezzi), slideshows (google slides), voice recordings ( voice thread) and visual videos (wevideo and screencastify) and I have learnt a wide variety of skills and had to play around and experiment with how to use them properly but that is all useful for the future as I now have wider knowledge of certain programs. These were all very new to me but I have been able to work with them and upload them to my blog; various feedback and analysis were included using these online sites and programs.

Throughout this process Misce-en-scene has been a very key aspect that we had to consider when designing our magazines; it opened up my eyes to how important every last detail was from the lighting and setting to the finer details such as what shoes and jewelry the model is wearing.

Als0 Indesign and Photoshop were a huge part in creating my whole magazine and I had to experiment and try all sorts of things to finally get my product to how I wanted it to be. I had to consider the Fonts, colours, page layouts.

I received a lot of feedback and critique on my magazine throughout the process which has been vital when trying to improve certain aspects of my magazine to make the overall product successful. It was useful how others looked at my work as sometimes I couldn’t see what was particularly wrong or needed to be corrected so someone elses perspective was very important.

Overall I am pleased with the outcome of my magazine, my final cover, contents and double page spread as a lot of work has gone into it and on the way many skills have been learned. I believe my final product successfully conveys my brand.

January 9

So… hows it going?

After designing my Front cover, Contents page and double page spread I feel like I have been able to successfully communicate my brand and what it stand for. I feel that I have created something that is eye catching and a bit different. Over the time period of me designing my work I have had to change many things and from where I first started I have developed a lot of things. I have been through many different colour schemes and font and page layout to get to the stage I am at now. I was able to play around with the look of my pages with indesign and photoshop.

I mainly wanted to focus on my product being unconventional and different that will appeal to the youth. By including my own photos, carefully choosing my colour schemes and thinking through accessories, lighting and everything involved with mis en scene has helped my magazine come together as one and to really capture the style of the magazine and my cover stars and musicians who feature.

I have learnt a lot about magazines and the different components that help translate and communicate the style and overall look to their target audience. Researching and flicking through music magazines enabled me to have a good understanding and knowledge of what should be included in my magazine and also what is appealing and interesting to the consumer. I have made sure to tailor my magazine to my specific demographic (youth) by using bright colours and current trends such as skating and fashion into my magazine as they go hand in hand with the music industry.

December 18

Design skills 2



This is how to create columns which is useful as it is an article. It makes it easier to read and is a conventional aspect of magazines to make the text accessible to the reader. Colloms are an important part of magazines to make sure it is clear and presentable for the reader to follow; if the text is hard to read and badly laid out then it wont encourage them to continue reading or even start reading the article in the first place.

This makes the text in italics and slanted which is good to use for a quote. This is a good tool to use as it makes the particular text stand out and draw attention to it. The reader will be drawn to it as it will look different, draws importance to the text.

This is how to add a fade gradient to the page, it gives another aspect to the page which makes it look softer and is a useful affect to apply. Using affects like this is important as it gives another aspect to the page and makes it less flat; it adds texture and visual interest. Once you learn how to generally work indesign is it very useful as many creative design companies usethe program.

December 15

Design skills 1

On the left there is a button that is in the shape of a circle called the  ellipse tool (L)- that is how I inserted the plug, Plugs are very effective because it makes the text stand out and draws attention to its importance. It is a conventional feature in a magazine. It helps keep interest and gives visual appeal and also another dimension to the front cover.

This is how I change the font- go into character and then choose the font style, width, height and size of the text. Font is a key to the whole look, I think a simple text is good for my magazine.The font has a huge impact on the whole look of the magazine, it needs to be in accordance to the genre and theme and what text you use contributes to the overall mise-en-scene, if the font ties in well with the theme it helps the overall look be cohesive and fluent.

Select the text box, and go into “stroke” and change the weight of the text to make it thicker as the bold option doesn’t work on the sans serif font I selected. This is a very good way to give the words more weight and stand out, it gives the text a more contemporary feel.

November 13

So… I’m ready to Photograph my star.

After exploring many aspects of mise-en scene and analysis magazine covers I am ready to photograph my star.  I have researched many different styles of magazines and layouts which all illustrate my brand genre of alternative hip-hop. Therefore I have collected many ideas and taken on board particular creative aspects that contribute to an overall successful representation of my main cover star. It’s very important to match my stars costume with my genre and think about accessories that will go with the whole outfit.I have to think about the angle,lighting, frame, composition, facial expression.

My aim in my shoot it so to capture some fun, energetic pictures with interesting, out going and expressive poses. I’m planning on capturing a variety of close ups to really draw attention and accentuate the and focus the readers attention on the face of my star. I want to use a canted angle on some shots to show the random nature of his personality and to give an extra dimension. Also I will take some mid shots and distance shots to showcase his outfit which is an important attribute to the whole overall look of my star. I am going to use a white backdrop and use lots of lights and a silver reflector to keep the light very bright and contemporary to make the bright clothes pop more and also keep the photos simplistic.

October 29

so… I’m ready to make some media!

Over the past few weeks I have learnt a range of skills in media studies. These skills are useful because they enable to help me in the future and also when I begin to develop and design my own music magazine cover. I have been taught how Mise-en-scene (MES) can play a vital role when trying to portray a certain emotion or style. I have learnt how a variety of different camera angles and distances as well as lighting can contribute when wanting to create different connotations and denotations. I have also been taught and had a few lessons playing around with certain apps like Adobe In design and Photoshop. Now I how to use certain features that will help me design my own magazine cover; in the process I will learn more useful techniques to help me develop the most creative and eye catching magazine cover I can.

When I come to make my own music magazine cover, I will need to consider many different features and aspects to help me create an overall good music magazine that will appeal to the correct target audience and also stick to the correct genre and style through the correct use of colour scheme and images ect. When I take the photo of the main cover star, I will consider which camera angles and distances will be most effective and also what sort of lighting will be suitable. Also the  MES, such as  lighting, costume and hair and makeup which is also very important as the whole cover should tie together well. I will then start creating my cover and other magazine pages with InDesign. I will make sure I think about what fonts and typefaces will look the best. Also the colour scheme and layout is very important as it helps towards how the consumer feels about the magazine all together and the overall aim is to draw the audience in and create a successful and desirable magazine. The target audience is very important to take into consideration; I will do some research on what is popular, affordable and on trend.