October 20

My tour poster

Two of my classmates and I did a photo shoot styling our model and adjusting the angles and lighting to best capture the pop genre.This is the image I decided to use for my tour poster. I chose to use this one because she looks very radiant but also quite cool; she conveys an overall approachable pop star that’s happy and fun. I like how this image shows off her accessories and her sparkly dress. Personally I think our model channels a Katy Perry style.

Before I started designing my tour poster I decided to do some research and look at other popstars tour posters to see what they incorporated looked at artists such as Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding and Ariana Grande. I looked at the themes of their posters and tried to create my image that fitted in with that particular colour scheme and theme to see what it would look like.I also did a lick and stick before I started to fully design my Tour Poster; it enabled me to visualise the layout and the placement of my text and image.



This is my tour poster finished, I used the pink, black white and gold colour scheme to capture the essence of Ariana Grande.

I like the gradient of the background and the pose of my artist “Scarlett Rose” as its very friendly and glam.

October 12

My copy of a professional magazine

This is my version of the NME music cover; I have tried to incorporate the same aspects and overall essence of the magazine. I tried to recreate the same fonts, style and layout using Adobe Indesign. Overall I think I made a decent effort and the overall outcome was quite successful however there are a few weaknesses of my magazine cover.


  • The white text on the image under “Rihanna” didn’t stand out and got lost in the cover and it is difficult to read. Therefore I should try and maybe outline the white text in black or maybe add a background shadow to make it look 3D and pop on the page.
  • This youtube tutorial explains how to make the text stand out on the page which will be useful.

  • The background colour and effect was slightly different; my shadow was too dark so I needed to find a better background effect that was less black and softer; here’s a youtube tutorial to help me use gradient ect in indesign so I can use it later on when i need.

  • In the top right hand corner some of the text should have been in bold; here’s a youtube tutorial that explains how to make text bold and other handy tips about text font.


  • I found it easy to find very similar fonts to the original and I recognized if the original font had serif or sont serif then matched the font by the style.
  • The placement of text is very similar; I didn’t find it challenging to move around the text and place it where it needed to be.
  • I was able to match the font colours quite well as I knew how to altar the colour of the fonts.



October 10

Lick and Stick Mock-up

We used post-it notes to mark out the technical design features of the magazine cover. We recreated the main cover to pinpoint the features and techniques used; we noticed that he main focus is the main cover star which is the icon used to attract the attention of readers. When I design my own music magazine cover I will take the layout and all of the conventional technical design features into account and use these in making a successful front cover. I will especially focus on the main cover star; this particular music magazine cover is quite simple and bold which I like so I will incorporate that into mine also as I feel inspired by the bold colours and clear layout.


October 9

The camera talks

I created a mood board that representing multiple angles, compositions. I then added three hashtags to each photo to describe the mood and essence of each photo. I also commented what technique was included in the photo such as a canted angle or low angle.This exercise will help me to analyse our future photos I am going to use which will allow us to select the most appropriate and fitting ones depending on what I am trying to achieve. It’s also helpful because it allows us to understand how a range of varied photos with different techniques will make the reader more interested and hopefully make the images morre accessible to the reader as it will communicate a story more clearly.

October 9

Technical camera terms


These are the contact sheets from our photo shoot. We played around with the aperture, as you can see some of our photos like IMG_0021 is overexposed so the aperture was too large. Another photo such as IMG_0059 and IMG_004 are too dark because the aperture was too small so its underexposed. There are many different types of photos above in the contact sheet as there are different points of focuses and lighting.

The overall purpose of this photo shoot was to play around with different angles, lighting and points of focus. It was good to learn about what works best in certain settings and lighting; it made me understand aperture and shutter speed better and grasp the concept. Now I can use different techniques and effects to create certain moods and atmospheres and to also relay a story and can then use these skills later on for my music magazine and other projects.





October 3

My image that uses mise en scene for meaning

The first slide shows several photos that are pop related and also some descriptive words used to describe the pop genre. On the second slide has some general information about the pop culture and some similarities that occur in pop music such as the sings being “catchy” and “short”. This slideshow also includes two mood-boards associated with the pop genre; it includes images of pop artists (such as Katy Perry, Justin Beiber and rihanna)  and also some radio stations (radio 1)  and pop music channels (MTV).

This is an image of my friend who dressed up in clothes that represented what a pop-star would stereo typically wear such as a sparkly dress which is very girly and glam and also some out-going accessories such as a big belt and a feather boa. Surrounding the image are words that the class and I felt were appropriate to describe her dressed up as a pop artist; words such as “fashionable”, “girly” and “playful” I thin k are good descriptive words that explain the true essence of what pop is about.

This is my contact sheets of all of the photos we took during our album cover photo shoot. We dressed our model in clothes that we thought translated a good overall image of  a pop artist. We chose a pink sparkly dress to try and convey that she was glamorous, outgoing and confident. We used a gold light reflector, this gave the photos a very warm tone which represented the approachable character of the pop star; but it also emphasises and reflects the sparkles of the dress.

We had many images to choose from that were fun, playful however I have chosen this as my final photo because I think its includes lots of aspects that reflect a conventional pop magazine main cover star picture. I like how the accessories are visible e.g the sunglasses and the hooped earrings to tie in the look. Also the pink sparkly dress is still in the shot also but I like how the main focus is her mischievous smirk and friendly eyes which I feel will be appealing to the consumer. Also her makeup is glowing from the light shining on her and her sparkly eye makeup and lipstick is nicely presented in this photo. Overall I think the photo is a good choice.

September 13

Textual Analysis of album poster

This poster includes many aspects that come together and create an overall image and conveys a concept catching to the consumer. I will translate similar methods in my own work as that what is effective in targeting a specific consumer; this will include an effective use of semiotics and every denotation I include will be for a reason and to translate a certain style and vibe. I can be very expressive and creative with what fonts and colours I use and there endless options and styles I can explore.