Feedback and Reflection on Draft DPS

After giving myself some feedback on my first Draft, I asked my peers if they could give me their opinions and some targets on how I could improve for my next draft.

(Pictured is Draft 1 of my double page spread)

I asked one of my classmates, Dalehna to put her ideas into this table below ;

This feedback has been really useful as it has identified some things about my article that I hadn’t already picked up such as the smaller details like Page numbers, Name of Photographer and the By line. I will use both the feedback from my peers and reflection on my own work to create a draft 2 of my double page spread.

Peers Overall Targets

  • Add other features Page No, By line, Name of Photographer etc. – Help make it more conventional
  • Add a small intro at the beginning underneath the stand first – Helps address the audience and keep them engaged
  • Add drop shadow to masthead – Makes it stand out
  • Make each paragraph Stand out, add space, line or block color – Helps define were the start and end of each paragraph is and makes it easier to read. It won’t look as overwhelming with alot of writing.
My Targets 
  • Adjust the color of the questions –  so that I don’t over use the same color.
  • Give only the first paragraph a drop capital 3 – 4 lines lower. – Overusing a drop capital makes it loose it’s effect it wouldn’t stand out as much
  • Change the size and font of my pull quote or  put a smaller image here instead. – My pull quote doesn’t stand out as much being in the middle of the writing but could instead benefit from being on my image on the right hand side of the page. Adding a smaller image would add variety to the page instead of just having a lot of text


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