A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft



Front page, Changes ?
  • I’ve added an extra pug to my magazine down the bottom. One of the suggested improvements was to move the pug from the centre, so I moved it slightly to the side and added an extra one so it gave the look of a polaroid picture. I thought that this would add to the modern style of it.
  • I moved the text down more so that most of the white text is on the blue sleeve. It’s now legible.
  • I made the ‘discover tour tickets’ bigger to make it stand out


Content Page, changes ?
  • I used photoshop to change the colour of the cover star who on the pug. One of the suggested improvements was to change the image in the pug as it looked too similar to the other picture. Instead of doing this I tinted the colour of her clothes and mirrored the image so that it looked completely different.
  • I changed the pull quote so that it makes more sense.

Double Page Spread, changes ?
  • I changed the colour of the finishing paragraph to make it stand out. I did this because this paragraph is selling the album so I need it to draw attention towards it
  • I also added a boarder to my magazine so each page looked complete.
  • I changed the colour and size of my pull quote and moved it down slightly. I chose the blue so that there wasn’t too much of one colour and it also goes with the colour scheme of the page.

Mission Statement

RB Verse is a world renowned magazine highlighting the newly discovered sound that is Contemporary R&B music. Here we aim to amplify the Independent, Expressive and Diverse sound of the ever growing community. We offer the best platform to access all things R&B from new music to exclusive interviews.’

What have I done to achieve my mission statement ?

I have achieved my mission statement by including the exclusive interview as the topic for my double page spread. I have included the Independence on my front cover in the cover lines ‘Millies making movement.’ I also included the Expressive  part in my cover lines ‘shut down the hate on race.’ This is a bold and unapologetic phrase and reaffirms the views of the R&B genre.


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