Design Skills 2

Since I began using Indesign and Photoshop I have learnt and developed many skills, that have been beneficial to me when designing my magazine. When I needed to learn a new skill, I looked at youtube tutorials to enable me to do this successfully. Here are some of the clips that helped me create my magazine;

Double Page Spread

This clip helped me to soften the edges of my image on my double page spread, so that the image looked more fitted and faded nicely onto the other page to help the page flow.


Contents Page

This clip helped me when it came to adding a drop shadow to one of my text boxes. I wanted to create a 3D effect to my contents page aside from all of the text so that the consumer wouldn’t get overwhelmed with the amount of the writing on the page. It helps to break the text up slightly.


Having a pug of ‘next months’ edition is conventional on a contents page. For my contents page I wanted to create a very small pug for the top of my magazine to fit this convention. Without having to do another shoot, I used Photoshop to adjust the colour of one of my stars costumes so that it looked as though I had photographed another person. I did this by using the colour burn tool. By using this tool I changed the colour of the trousers to pink and the colour of the jacket to green this created the illusion that I had done another shoot.

All of these skills helped my to make my magazine;

  • Fit conventions. e.g the pug of a miniature magazine
  • Helped give my magazine an extra layer so that it didn’t seem 2D and unimaginative
  • Helped to give my magazine a polished and clean finish.




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